9 Best Engineering Scholarships In UK For International Students


Engineering scholarships for international students in the UK have gained significant popularity as a means to alleviate the financial burden of education.

The rationale behind the surge in applications for these scholarships is multifaceted. Primarily, the United Kingdom boasts one of the highest educational costs globally, with annual tuition fees varying based on various factors, creating a substantial need for scholarship opportunities.

These scholarships are primarily merit-based and typically do not necessitate any form of repayment. Most students are responsible for covering their living expenses, including accommodation and food costs, while studying in the UK. Scholarships are offered in diverse formats, often tailored to support international students pursuing specific engineering study programs and fields.

As a student, you’re likely aware of the relentless rise in educational expenses. While the financial impact of education can be significant for both you and your family, there is a viable solution – engineering scholarships in the UK for international students.

Who is eligible for an Engineering scholarship in the UK?

UK engineering student scholarships are accessible to all deserving students. Certain scholarships are exclusively available to students with exceptional academic achievements, while others extend opportunities to students who apply, regardless of their study proof.

Engineering scholarships are intentionally designed for aspiring engineering students who possess the ambition but lack the necessary financial means.


Each scholarship provider outlines their eligibility criteria explicitly, making it crucial for you to confirm your eligibility before initiating the scholarship application process.

Notably, if you’ve read this article in its entirety, you’ll discover a scholarship that suits your circumstances, provided you meet the specified eligibility requirements. Your next step is to apply promptly and embark on your collegiate journey.

Reasons to apply for an engineering scholarship in the UK?

The United Kingdom is renowned for its high-quality education delivered within a supportive and welcoming learning environment. One notable feature of engineering schools in the UK is their low teacher-to-student ratios, which foster seamless interaction between students and faculty members.

Graduates from UK institutions enjoy a wealth of job opportunities, often yielding substantial incomes in the early stages of their careers, thanks to their exceptional education.

However, this superior educational experience comes at a cost, particularly for international students who grapple with the financial implications of studying in the UK.

Consequently, both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing engineering degrees in the UK seek financial assistance to mitigate the substantial fees associated with obtaining a top-tier engineering education.

What are the best UK engineering scholarships?

When curating this list of the UK’s premier engineering scholarships, several key factors were taken into careful consideration:

Scholarship Coverage: We assessed the extent of financial support provided to scholarship recipients. Fully funded scholarships, which encompass tuition fees, recurring expenses, accommodation, and living allowances, naturally held higher positions on our list.

Scholarship Recipients: The number of engineering students benefiting from each scholarship played a pivotal role in our ranking. Scholarships with a larger pool of recipients were favored.

Scholarship Value: The overall worth of the scholarship was another crucial determinant. Scholarships offering substantial financial support were prioritized.

Admission Criteria: Scholarships requiring stringent admission criteria, although valuable, may occupy lower positions in this ranking. The number of scholarship holders and the scholarship’s total value are also factored into this consideration.

With these criteria in mind, we present a comprehensive list of the UK’s top engineering scholarships to assist aspiring students in their pursuit of quality education.

1. Institution of Mechanical Engineers Awards and Scholarships

This scholarship opportunity is accessible to outstanding engineering students in the UK, specifically those who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements. It provides a substantial financial aid package, offering up to £9,000 for master’s students and an annual award of £2,000 for a maximum of four years, catering to undergraduate studies.

Eligibility for this scholarship is extended to all UK students commencing their mechanical engineering studies in the upcoming autumn semester. It’s worth noting that the Institution of Mechanical Engineers offers several distinct scholarships, including the IMechE Undergraduate Scholarship, the First Year Undergraduate Scholarship, and the prestigious Whitworth Scholarship.

2. Quest Scholarships

These scholarships provide a unique opportunity for students embarking on their first year of a JBM-accredited full-time civil engineering program in the UK, offering financial support that spans up to 7 years.

The scholarship itself is valued at £8,000 and includes an advantageous early connection with potential employers.

There is a range of scholarships falling under this category, encompassing the Undergraduate Scholarship, Technician Scholarship, Eloise Plunkett Award, Travel Award, Kenneth Watson Travel Award, and Continuing Education Award, each tailored to meet specific needs and criteria.

3. British Chevening Scholarships

Chevening, a UK Government Scholarship program, offers aspiring business leaders the opportunity to pursue their studies in the UK, irrespective of their current location or workplace.

These prestigious scholarships are granted to exceptional individuals with significant leadership potential, enabling them to embark on postgraduate (Masters) studies at universities across the UK. For those aspiring to secure an engineering scholarship in the UK, the Chevening Scholarship is a valuable opportunity open for application.

4. Royal Academy of Engineering Awards

The Royal Academy of Engineering is dedicated to enhancing the pool of technical expertise and ensuring students receive sufficient funding and assistance to advance their educational journey and growth.

Among the programs offered are the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship Program, Technical Leadership Scholarships, Sainsbury Management Scholarships, Lord Bhattacharyya Graduate Scholarships, and the Engineering Graduate Engagement Program. These initiatives aim to empower students and foster their development in the field of engineering.

5. Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

The Arkwright Scholarships offer support to students who have enrolled in the Scottish Baccalaureate program or its equivalent.

To qualify for this award, applicants must exhibit a strong commitment to pursuing a leadership role within the engineering field.

It’s important to note that students from Arkwright partner schools are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

6. Engineers’ trust

The trusts provide educational support through partnering organizations that offer programs for students entering their sixth-form studies as a direct pathway to higher engineering studies. These programs can offer financial assistance of up to £2,000.

7. Ford Scholarship Program

Ford offers generous scholarships of up to £10,000 per student over a three-year period. These scholarships are awarded to 100 students pursuing engineering, manufacturing, technology, and science courses at prestigious UK universities. Some of the participating universities include Bath, Bradford, Cardiff, Imperial College London, Brunel, East Anglia, Loughborough, Nottingham, Southampton, Strathclyde, Surrey, and Warwick.

8. IET Postdoctoral Research Awards

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) presents several awards, each offering financial support of up to £10,000 for postgraduate research endeavors. It’s important to highlight that these awards are granted based on exceptional merit and are subject to a competitive selection process.

The available awards encompass the IET Graduate Award, the Leslie H. Paddle Fellowship, the Hudswell International Fellowship, and the IET Graduate Fellowship for Outstanding Investigators.

9. International Engineering Management Scholarships

The scholarship program is administered by the University of Manchester and is designed for individuals aspiring to pursue studies in Project Management within the field of Engineering.

This scholarship is primarily geared towards postgraduate programs and provides two full grants of £27,000 each, as well as four grants of £10,000, which are applied as tuition waivers.


Whether you’re an undergraduate engineering student seeking admission in the UK or a graduate in any of the engineering disciplines, I hope you find our list of best engineering scholarships in UK for international students helpful.

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