10 Best Scholarship Hubs For People Seeking Scholarships Abroad


What is the best website to find scholarships for international students? Scholarships are a great way for students to fund their education and reduce the burden of tuition fees. They provide financial assistance and recognize academic achievements, talents, and accomplishments. While there are numerous scholarship opportunities available, it can be challenging for students to find the right ones.

To help students in their search for scholarships, here are the 10 best legit scholarship websites: Whether you’re looking for the best scholarship apps or the best scholarship websites for international students, you will find the following list helpful.

1. Comvidfy.com

Comvidfy scholarship hub provides helpful tips and easy-to-follow guides for people seeking scholarships abroad. Such guides help first-timers and returning applicants know about eligibility, acceptance rates, and latest scholarships opportunity.

2. Fastweb:

Fastweb is one of the largest scholarship search engines, offering a comprehensive database of scholarships. It matches students with scholarships based on their profile, academic achievements, and interests.

3. Scholarship.com

Scholarship.com is another popular scholarship hub that connects students with a wide range of scholarships. It provides personalized scholarship recommendations and allows students to track their applications.

4. Peterson’s:

Peterson’s is a leading educational resource website that offers a scholarship search tool. It provides access to thousands of scholarships from various sources, including universities, organizations, and companies.


5. Chegg Scholarships:

Chegg Scholarships is a platform that provides access to millions of scholarships. It offers personalized scholarship matches based on students’ profiles and allows them to apply directly through the platform.

6. Cappex:

Cappex is a college and scholarship search website that helps students find scholarships that match their interests and qualifications. It also provides information on colleges, majors, and admissions.

7. Niche:

Niche is a platform that offers scholarship opportunities for students at all levels, from high school to graduate school. It provides a user-friendly interface and allows students to search for scholarships based on various criteria.


UNIGO is a website that offers a scholarship directory and other resources for students. It provides access to scholarships based on different categories, such as academic achievement, field of study, and personal background.

9. Go Overseas:

Go Overseas is a scholarship hub specifically for students interested in studying abroad. It provides a comprehensive list of scholarships for international study programs and connects students with study-abroad providers.

10. Rotary International:

Rotary International offers a range of scholarships for students pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies. These scholarships are available globally and are focused on promoting international understanding and peace.

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