Where Can I Get Balloons Filled With Helium?


Balloons filled with helium are a staple at any good party, and there is no debate that those filled with helium rather than air tend to last significantly longer than those filled with air alone.

We are all aware that helium is lighter than air, and because of this, it causes the balloon to rise more quickly than when air is pumped into it.

Helium has a weight of around 0.1785 grams per liter on average. Nitrogen, on the other hand, has a density of 1.2506 grams per liter.

Nitrogen, on the other hand, is the gas that is exhaled from the lungs when one breathes into a balloon.

Because it is denser than helium, the air in your lungs will prevent balloons from rising as far as they would if they were filled with helium instead.

If you want your balloons to look their best, you should get them filled with helium, as this will give them the most lift.


Whether you’re looking for the cheapest place to fill helium balloons near you or want to know if a particular agent fills balloons bought elsewhere, you will find the answers to all your helium filled balloons related questions in our special guide on where you can get balloons blown up with helium.

10 places to get balloons blown up with helium

Also, If you’re looking for where to fill up balloons with helium for free, you should stick around to the following brands for when they’re running a promo to get your balloons filled for free.

1. The Party City

If there is a Party City in your neighborhood, you may count on them to provide helium services. Because it sells just about everything you could possibly need for a party, Party City is the best place to go to purchase helium for your balloons because it has so many party supplies. That encompasses a number of distinct types of balloons. Helium services can be obtained in a variety of different ways through Party City.

One of the most typical approaches is to simply get balloons that have already been inflated with helium. Party City takes advantage of its access to helium on a daily basis in order to inflate a few balloons. The only thing left to do is buy these balloons that are already prepared. The next step is to select the balloons that correspond the most closely to your theme, and then continue with the process.

An alternate method for getting your balloons inflated is to go to Party City and buy the balloons deflated from there. With the purchase of certain balloons, they will provide you with a free helium filling service. Having said that, not all of them do, which is why it is essential to look at each individual balloon.

If you buy a balloon at Party City and then ask the cashier to blow it up for you when you’re ready to put something inside of it, they will do so. Getting balloons and having them filled is a breeze when you shop at Party City. Because of this, in addition to our other services, we now provide delivery. You can place an order for balloons on the company’s website, and they will then fill the balloons on your behalf.

After that, you will be given the option of either having the balloons brought directly to your home by a delivery service or going to the store yourself to pick up the balloons that you bought there.

Last but not least, you can get balloons inflated at Party City after purchasing them elsewhere and bringing them there with you. Party City will still fill the balloons for customers, but the customer must pay a little price for the service in order to do so.

The Costs of Helium Services At Party City

At Party City, the price of filling balloons with helium is determined by a number of important factors, including the following: When you buy a foil balloon from Party City, the helium filling service is on the house.

If you decide to buy a latex balloon, the cost of helium will be an additional expense for which you will be responsible. The price ranges from between.99 cents and 1.29 dollars for this item. It’s possible that the quantity of balloons and their size will determine how much money a person has to spend. If you decide to purchase the balloon from a different retailer, the helium service cost could end up being a little bit higher.

If you purchase a foil balloon from a different shop, for example, you should be prepared to pay any amount between $1.99 and $15.99 for it. They have what you need, whether it be a huge one for a large number of gatherings or a little one for a small number of people. When compared to hiring someone to do the labor for you, purchasing a tank will be the more expensive option.

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2. Dollar Tree

Another store that offers the service of inflating helium balloons is called Dollar Tree. Even though it provides customers with a wide array of access points to its services, Dollar Tree is strikingly comparable to Party City in a number of important respects. The first available choice is to purchase already inflated balloons directly from the vendor. The Dollar Tree does in fact have its entire department dedicated to parties. However, it does not cover as much ground as Party City does.

That space designated for the celebration features a number of balloons. On occasion, some of these balloons are given a full inflation. You are able to make use of their services if you choose to buy a balloon from them and then have them fill it for you. This service is only offered to foil balloons and is not made available to any other type of balloon. They do not offer helium filling services for latex balloons at any of their locations.

In addition, they will not inflate balloons for you that you have purchased from a separate retailer. For instance, a foil balloon purchased from Party City cannot have helium added to it at Dollar Tree because they do not have the necessary equipment. You have the choice to buy foil balloons from Dollar Tree over the internet and then have them inflated at the store.

Bring the receipt with you as proof that you purchased the balloon from their online store so they may verify your purchase. Utilizing this service won’t add any further costs to your bill. They do not provide helium tanks for purchase.

Pricing for Helium Services At Dollar Tree
Filling balloons with helium may be done for a very low price at Dollar Tree. You won’t need to pay anything most of the time because the fee is typically incorporated into the cost of the balloon. However, there may be times when you are required to make a payment. The fact that the price is only one dollar is fantastic news.

Regardless of whether you need to inflate a single enormous balloon or a number of smaller ones, their service can help you save a significant amount of money. It’s possible that other places, like Party City, will charge extra for their large balloons. At Dollar Tree, you can fill your balloons with helium for the low, low price of just one dollar.

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3. Target

Even though it does not provide helium-filling services, Target provides you with the equipment necessary to fill your balloons. Target has a decent party area at each of their retail locations. You can get foil and latex balloons in a range of shapes and colors to go along with the themes of your parties.

Additionally, the balloons in the shop are redesigned for each major holiday. You might be able to get spookier balloons for Halloween, and you might be able to find cheerier balloons for Christmas. Because they do not come inflated, these balloons will require helium in order to be filled.

You are in luck since in addition to selling helium tanks, Target supplies all of the necessary items for your project. In contrast to other stores that sell party supplies, Target actually carries large helium tanks for sale. This guarantees that the tank has sufficient helium and that it will continue to function for some time. The price of their effective helium tank is approximately $50. There is 14.9 cubic feet of helium contained therein.

The 8.9 cubic foot tank is the sort that will cost you less money. The price tag on that item is close to $25. There is no helium party service available at Target that can fill your balloons with helium. Either purchase the tank from Target and fill it yourself, or carry the balloons to another location where they may be filled. Neither option is an option for you.

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4. Dollar General

There may be a Dollar General nearby if there isn’t a Dollar Tree in the immediate area. Due to the fact that Dollar Tree and Dollar General are both owned by the same company, you may anticipate receiving the same services from either location. In addition, Dollar General sells balloons that customers can have helium pumped into for an additional fee.

They are available for purchase at the establishment themselves. In addition to that, they fill balloons with helium for consumers, but only those customers whose balloons were purchased from Dollar General. They will not be able to blow up a balloon for you if you bought it from a different vendor. They also offer an 8.9 cubic foot helium tank for an additional cost of roughly $35.

You have the choice to purchase this tank and fill your own balloons at home with the helium that it contains. It is possible that you will require the tank if you intend to buy latex balloons because Dollar General is only able to fill foil balloons and not latex balloons. In addition, you may buy balloons from their online shop, and then they’ll inflate them for you for free when you get to the store.

You are need to submit your receipt in order to take advantage of the complimentary service. In the event that you do find yourself in need of helium service, the cost will be one dollar, the same as at Dollar Tree. This could result in significant cost savings for you, depending on the decisions you make on your other options.

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5. Walmart

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation with its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company operates a chain of hypermarkets, sometimes known as supercenters, as well as discount department stores and grocery stores.

In 1962, Sam Walton founded the company in the Rogers, Arkansas neighborhood, and on October 31, 1969, it was formally incorporated as a corporation in Delaware in accordance with the General Corporation Law of Delaware. In addition, it owns and manages retail warehouses for Sam’s Club under the same name.

Helium services are not available at each and every Walmart location. It is more likely that the store will take the form of a Supercenter with greater formats. If there is a Walmart Supercenter in the vicinity of where you are, there is a good chance that you will be able to acquire helium services. Additionally, a wide selection of balloons can be found at Walmart.

In their party section, you might come across several balloons decorated in a variety of themes. Even some pre-inflated balloons can be found in certain retail establishments. Because of this, you won’t have to hang around for the helium service, and you’ll be able to buy the inflated balloon right away. The Walmart location will inflate your balloon, regardless of whether it is made of latex or foil.

However, if you bring in a balloon that was bought at another store, they won’t fill it for you. You are required to bring the receipt with you to the customer care counter in order to demonstrate that you purchased the helium fill from their retail location. Numerous retailers might be able to supply customers with helium services.

Walmart also carries a selection of helium tanks in a variety of sizes. Because of this, you will be able to blow up the balloons in the comfort of your own house, which may result in cost savings in the long run. Their helium service is available at a reasonable cost. On average, it costs 25 cents for each balloon to purchase. However, the price can change depending on the size as well as the number of balloons that are purchased.

They could charge you a higher fee in addition, depending on the kind of balloons you order. For instance, the cost of filling latex balloons can be more than the cost of filling foil balloons. While Walmart stores won’t inflate balloons that were purchased at other stores, they will do so if the balloon was acquired from another Walmart site.

It is sufficient to simply present the receipt in order to demonstrate where the item was purchased. In addition, you can fill the balloons that you purchased from Walmart online by bringing them in after placing your order.

You are required to have the receipt in your possession at all times. Because very few Walmart locations offer helium services, it is in your best interest to phone the one closest to you and inquire about whether or not they do.

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6. CVS – Party section

In addition to providing first aid, a limited selection of goods, and being an excellent pharmacy, Meijer is also home to a party section. In one section of the party goods, there is only a small selection of balloons available. In addition to selling balloons, CVS pharmacies typically provide helium services as well.

CVS pharmacies have begun stocking a wider variety of party supplies in an effort to broaden their customer base beyond that of a traditional drugstore. They are working hard to meet the needs of their customers for all of their requirements under one roof. However, some CVS sites have not made as much success as others have done over the past year.

For example, a CVS pharmacy with a smaller footprint might focus primarily on selling drugs and not much else. Because they probably do not have a section dedicated to parties, these stores are unable to offer helium services. Larger establishments that offer a variety of departments, including a party department, would typically have helium services available to their customers.

The helium service offered by CVS is available at no additional charge. The cost of filling the balloon that you buy from CVS is already factored into the price of the balloon since the company expects you to do so. If you bought the balloon from another retailer, the vast majority of them will not fill up, but it is worthwhile to verify this information.

You can expect to pay a nominal fee to anyone who inflates a balloon for you that was originally purchased from another vendor. This is standard practice in the industry. Due to the fact that they do not provide helium tanks, the only way to helium your balloons is by using their service. If there is a party department at your local CVS, you can anticipate seeing a helium service there as well.

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7. Kroger

Even if it doesn’t carry the Kroger name, the majority of towns and cities have a grocery store that is owned by Kroger. Kroger is well-known for providing customers with high-quality food and other things. Another service that is provided by Kroger is the filling of helium balloons. One of the advantages of choosing to fill your balloon at a Kroger location is that they are willing to take balloons from all over the world.

For instance, even if you buy balloons from Walmart, Kroger would still fill them for you even if you bought them from Walmart. This is as a result of the helium charge service provided by Kroger. Regardless matter where you buy the balloon, you will be required to pay a fee in order to have it inflated (Kroger or elsewhere). There is a diverse selection of balloons available at the Kroger store.

The most common ones are latex and aluminum foil. In addition to that, they have balloons in a range of sizes. Quantity, type, and size are the three factors that go into determining the cost of a helium service. On average, the price of employing Kroger’s helium services ranges from three dollars to eight dollars. You can get a standard latex balloon for as low as one dollar.

Large balloons, defined as those measuring 12 to 15 inches in length, have prices that range anywhere from $7 to $15 per unit. You can also get assistance from Kroger if you want to purchase helium balloons that already have the gas inside of them. You may find a wide selection of helium balloons that have already been inflated and are ready to be purchased in their department that deals with flowers.

The cost of the helium needed to inflate these balloons is already factored into the price of the balloons themselves. In the event of an unexpected emergency, you can always take the balloons to Kroger to be inflated. This is true even though there are other, less expensive ways to do it.

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8. Meijer

Meijer is an American chain of supercenters that is mostly focused on serving customers in the Midwest. Its headquarters may be found in Walker, Michigan, which is located within the greater Grand Rapids metropolitan region. Walker is a city in the state of Michigan.

It is generally accepted that the grocery store chain Meijer, which was founded in 1934, was the company that first conceptualized the contemporary supercenter in 1962. There are a total of 253 retail outlets that are under the corporation’s ownership, and they are dispersed over a number of states, including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Roughly half of them may be found in the state of Michigan.

Forbes magazine ranked the chain as the thirteenth largest privately held corporation in the United States in the year 2021. Meijer is projected to be the 21st largest retailer in the United States in terms of revenue in the year 2020. In spite of the fact that Meijer is a neighborhood supermarket, numerous residents of the states located in the Midwest make it their primary location for purchasing groceries.

In addition, Meijer is home to a sizable party section that is stocked with an extensive assortment of all the essential party materials. You might be interested in learning more about Meijer’s capacity to provide helium services if you buy balloons from them. Meijer is known for selling balloons.

Some of the services that Meijer offers that other grocery stores do not, such as filling balloons with helium, are only available at Meijer. At Meijer, you can purchase many balloons through the telephone by placing an order. In that way, they are comparable to a store that sells party supplies. Meijer may get a phone request from you to inflate approximately 20 balloons on your behalf.

Following that, Meijer will provide you with an anticipated date of delivery for the item(s) you have purchased. It is likely going to take more time than it would at a party store because to the additional responsibilities that Meijer employees have. When placing larger orders, you should normally anticipate that it will take between two and three hours for your order to be ready.

When there are less balloons present, the process will move along at a quicker pace. In addition, Meijer’s retail location offers helium balloons that have already been partially inflated with the gas.

Due to the fact that each Meijer store is independent, it is in your best interest to call the Meijer store in your neighborhood to find out if they would fill balloons that were purchased from another retailer. Meijer is both more convenient and comprehensive than other merchants when it comes to purchasing balloons and having them filled with helium.

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9. Publix

The regional grocery chain Publix, which has its headquarters in the Southeastern part of the United States, is an additional significant retailer that offers balloon filling services. The cost of balloon inflation at Publix is equivalent to the cost charged by other retailers. Even if you purchase the balloon from Publix, there will be a small additional charge for the inflation service.

The encouraging news is that Publix does not place any limits on the quantity of balloons that customers can fill. Publix will inflate each and every one of the 200 balloons you purchase for a particular occasion at no additional cost.

You only need to be aware of one thing, and that is that it will be expensive. When compared to latex balloons, which cost $1.50 to fill, the cost to fill a mylar balloon is significantly more. The cost is also determined in part by the size of the balloon.

10. Party Depot

Aside selling helium tanks, Party Depot fill balloons with helium at their various store locations in Virginia.

One of the most interesting thins about Party Depot is that they also fill balloons bought elsewhere. This means that you can come with your balloon and Party Depot will fill it with helium for you.

The cost of filling a balloon with helium at Party Depost is roughly around $0.75 each for 12-inch latex balloons. $0.90 each for 18-inch Mylar balloons, and $4 each for 36-inch Mylar balloons.

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