What Gets Wetter The More It Dries?


What Becomes Wetter the More It Dries Riddle is one of the most popular riddles online today. It’s considered a very tricky riddle for friends, but it’s also interesting to anyone. 

If you’ve been asked or are wondering what gets wetter the more it dries, we’ve made this post specifically to provide you with the best answer to the riddle.

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Why should one solve riddles?

One of the best ways to start a conversation is with riddles, the conversation can get more interesting depending on the type of riddle question and the possible answers to it.

However, in our daily lives, we come across a number of things that take us some time to process and understand. Trying to solve puzzles can enhance how one thinks and how fast one can solve a problem or provide an answer to a question. 

Before we finally reveal the answer to the riddle, we would like to ask you again, so you can say the answer in your mind and continue reading to find out if you were correct. So, what gets wetter while drying?


However, this is a question that requires an out-of-the-box logical approach to answering if you care about getting the answer to the riddle correct.

Now that you’ve answered the question in your head, let’s move on to the riddle’s solution.

What gets wetter as it dries answer?

What gets wetter the more it dries is simply the towel.

How does a towel get wetter the more it dries

We all know that towels are absorbent, and we have also at some point used towels to clean our bodies after bathing.

Although a towel can be used for a variety of purposes other than after bathing, one thing in common “it is used for cleaning or absorbing water”.

A towel is a correct answer to the riddle because, as it keeps the surface it is applied on dry, it absorbs the liquid on the surface, thereby making the towel itself wet as it dries the surface or area of application. The more it is used to drying, the more liquid it accumulates, and that makes it wetter.

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