Top 12 Non Physical Jobs That Pay Well


Since the start of the lockdown, there’s been a great surge in statistics in favor of non-physical jobs some of which are without a degree popularly called low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree.

You can avoid the stress that comes along with physical labor by switching to one of the many non-physical jobs that pay well and allow you to perform the work from the comfort of your own home or another of your most preferred location.

The world has become increasingly digital, and conventional firms and organizations that are unable to keep up with the trend are destined to fail. The digital environment is huge and full of seemingly unlimited options, only a small fraction of which have been investigated and put into practice. If you believe that all of the possibilities offered by the internet have been investigated, you need to rethink that assumption because not even the tip of the iceberg has been uncovered.

Because of the development of the internet, a great number of enterprises have been able to realize their full potential, and also as a result of the internet, new ideas have emerged that have both contributed to and altered the world. Some traditional businesses are eliminating their physical locations and transitioning to an entirely digital business model at this time. As a result, all of their operations, including those of their employees, will become “non-physical” and will be performed either at home or online.

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Ones that need physical presence are a lot more stressful than jobs that don’t since you will have to go through the bother of commuting to and from work, maintaining a professional appearance for your manager and coworkers, and the work schedule will not be flexible. You won’t have to go through the stress of going to a physical working site every day, and you’ll have the freedom to work from the convenience of your own home or any other location you want. Non-physical professions offer a high degree of flexibility.


There are a variety of reasons why working from home or doing things that don’t need physical labor can appeal to you. This provides you with much more flexibility in your day-to-day activities, the possibility to work for businesses located in another state or nation, and the chance to pursue other hobbies while continuing to earn a consistent income. Some non-physical vocations, such as being an insurance agent or a medical coder, for example, require specific technological abilities as well as degrees in relevant fields.

Some tasks that are non-physical or can be done from home involve aesthetic talents, such as writing or design, in addition to the technical skills that are required. You have many opportunities to choose from while looking for a new job that you can do from home. If you are self-employed and work from home, you have the luxury of waking up whenever it is convenient for you, rather than because an alarm clock goes off and you have to get ready for work.

You can get out of bed, get yourself a cup of coffee, and take your time reading the newspaper, a magazine, or a novel before sitting down at your computer to work for a few hours and earning some significant cash – all while you are still dressed in your jammies. Continue reading the blog post if you find that this is something that interests you.

If you are already working but are interested in switching to a more satisfying line of work, you should give some thought to getting a job that does not require you to be physically present and that pays well. These occupations can also be considered to be online jobs that pay well. In the same vein, individuals who have not yet entered the labor sector should think about enrolling in a degree program that will lead to employment opportunities in the digital sphere.

What are non-physical jobs?

A non-physical job is one in which you will not be physically present at work; instead, you will be employed full-time at home and will do the majority of your work online.

Where can I look for well-paying employment that do not need physical labor?

You will need to seek out to local businesses and demonstrate your skill to them in order to discover non-physical jobs that pay well or online jobs that pay well. You can do this by showing them how much you can offer them if you work from home. You can also look for clients on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork; both of these sites pay highly for your services.

Jobs that don’t require heavy lifting that pay well

The list below provides a discussion of several non-physical careers that pay well and are possibilities for beginning your professional life.

#1. Graphics Designer

One of the non-physical careers that pay well is being a graphic designer. You have the option of becoming freelance and offering your skills to a variety of businesses, organizations, and clients in general, or you may choose to work exclusively for one business or client.

Freelancing and working as a graphics designer for a variety of employers will not only increase the amount of money you make but also improve the exposure you receive and give you more experience in working with and communicating with a variety of people.

You have the option of working directly from the coziness of your own home or any other location that is convenient for you, regardless of whether you decide to follow the freelancing route or not. However, there must be a means of active contact between you and your client in order for you to be able to precisely develop what it is that they require from you.

Graphic designers are responsible for the creation of visual content, both in print and digital versions. They also work on projects related to advertising, such as newsletters, and projects related to digital media, such as film, website or app design, product packaging, or architectural designs. They may also work on architectural designs.

A graphic designer would typically receive a statement or a concept from a company, a client, or an art director that they are tasked with graphically representing. After that, the visual element is created by the designer by combining text, graphics, and color in various ways.

Hourly Wage Rate: $18.26 on Average

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#2. Web Developer

This is one of the non-physical jobs that pays well and is also one of the jobs that is increasing faster than average in the digital environment. Traditional businesses that are transitioning into the digital arena typically develop a website, and even brand-new enterprises require a website in order to sell their services and the like. Individuals also own websites to better market themselves and their brands, in addition to businesses that have websites that they use to market their products and services.

To accomplish this, they need the expertise of a website developer, who will program the site so that it satisfies the client’s preferences for aesthetics and presentation while also serving the purpose of the services they wish to provide.

Annual Wage Amounting to an Average of $71,626

#3. Programmer

Writing the code that drives software programs is part of the programming skill set, which was another one of the abilities that arose alongside the development of the internet. A computer programmer can build, test, and troubleshoot programs by using a variety of different computer languages. You can hone your skills as a programmer by specializing in the creation of particular kinds of applications that belong to the category of mobile program development or software as a service.

In addition to this, you will be responsible for a variety of activities, such as being an expert in computer languages, testing and troubleshooting systems, and converting program designs into code. Because it is not a physically demanding job, you have the option of working independently or remaining linked to a single customer or business. In either case, you will have the freedom to do your duties from the comfort of your own home.

The typical annual salary is $67,099 each year.

#4. Medical Coder

Coding and abstracting outpatient medical records are part of a medical coder’s responsibilities. This is one of the well-paying jobs that do not require physical labor, and it is also one of the non-physical vocations. It is not a particularly challenging occupation; in point of fact, it is one of the enjoyable jobs that pay well, and it is also one of the low-stress occupations that pay well.

You are going to require some sort of formal education, such as a degree, diploma, or certificate, in order to launch a successful career in this industry and achieve the level of success you desire.

However, an associate degree is a sufficient education to qualify a person for entry-level positions in the insurance industry or in healthcare facilities, so there is no need for you to put yourself through the rigors of acquiring a bachelor’s degree in this profession.

Because they work with sensitive data that is related to patient’s health, medical coders are not allowed to work independently like the other professionals on this list. Instead, they are required to be employed by a specific business.

The Typical Annual Wage is $49,204

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$5. Insurance Agent

It is one of the non-physical occupations that pay well, and if you are sick of the strenuous hassle that comes with the conventional working style, you may want to think about making the move to being an insurance agent. This job pays well. An insurance agent or broker’s responsibilities include providing clients with a selection of insurance plans to choose from and assisting clients in making decisions regarding which policies are the most appropriate given their specific needs and circumstances.

There are several sub-genres of insurance agents, the most common of which are those that focus on selling health insurance and those that specialize in protecting property from financial loss. You will cultivate constructive working connections with customers, approach them via cold calling and direct mail to enquire about their current insurance circumstances and anticipated needs, and supply policy requirements.

Annual Wage Amounting to $55,651 on Average

#6. Online Tutor

Aside from your teachers and professors who use online learning platforms to tutor students, there are platforms built to tutor students online in a wide range of academic subjects from primary to tertiary institutions. An online tutor is actually a real thing. Your teachers and professors use online learning platforms to tutor students. One of these platforms is called, it is a website that offers learning services to students of primary and secondary schools from all over the world in the field of English language instruction.

There are a number of other websites that teach similar material, some of which concentrate on a specific topic while others cover a broad range of topics. These services offer access to online tutors who are available around the clock to provide instruction, assistance with studying, a review of topics covered on tests and assignments, and more explanation of subject areas in which students are having difficulty.

To succeed as an online tutor, you need to have a strong grasp of the material that you intend to instruct others on. You don’t need a degree to be knowledgeable or experienced in a certain topic; all you need is the appropriate level of expertise. You will also need access to a reliable internet connection as well as a computer.

The standard wage is $24.30 an hour on average.

#7. Independent Writer or Editor

If you have an eye for finding errors in articles and frequently have the need to merely fix it while you’re reading, you should think about making a career out of this job because it pays well and doesn’t require you to do any heavy lifting. In addition to being one of the non-physical occupations that pay well, it is also one of the enjoyable jobs that pay, and you will be able to earn a hefty paycheck every month while working from the comfort of your own home.

You won’t be bound to a single customer or business when you work as a freelance editor; instead, you’ll have the opportunity to branch out, interact with a wide range of people, investigate a variety of concepts, hone your skills, increase your visibility, broaden your experience, and boost your income.

The standard hourly wage is currently set at $22.83.

#8. Blogger

One of the non-physical jobs that pay well is blogging, and one of the benefits of this work is that you do not actually have a boss or a client in any form. Blogging is one of the jobs that pay well. Blogging is the only one of these jobs that don’t require you to answer to anyone else, making it the most flexible option out of all of the non-physical jobs that are listed here. The other jobs are flexible in the sense that you get to decide your working hours and how much work you get done in a day or hours.

You do not need a degree in order to become a blogger; however, you will need to go through some training in order to learn how to utilize the appropriate tools in the appropriate manner. On the other hand, you should think about becoming a blogger if you are capable of problem-solving articles that you have planned, researched, written, and edited.

Hourly Wage Rate: 18.83 Dollars on Average

#9. Grant Writer

The work that grant writers conduct helps them create and build relationships with potential funders. Additionally, they are responsible for drafting proposals, donor appeals, and gratitude letters, as well as keeping a calendar of reporting deadlines that they create and maintain.

Writing grant applications is one of the non-physical occupations that pay well and offers generous amounts of freedom, allowing you to work from wherever that is convenient for you, even your own home if that is an option.

Annual Wage Amounting to $46,577 on Average

#10. Independent Marketing Consultants Working on Their Own

Freelance marketing consulting is one of the non-physical professions that pay well and is also a pleasant job that delivers a fat check monthly with a low degree of stress. This makes it one of the best careers to consider if you are looking for a high-paying non-physical employment. Freelance marketing consultants design a strategic positioning plan with the assistance of executives and high-level managers.

In addition to this, it is their responsibility to draft a marketing plan that addresses primary initiatives and make recommendations for product positioning strategies for each new offering.

The typical wage is 32.89 dollars an hour.

  1. Virtual Assistant
    As more and more firms and other types of enterprises transition to digital-only operations, there has been an increase in the need for virtual assistants. As their name suggests, virtual assistants are located on the other side of a computer or smartphone in a particular region of the world. They are responsible for answering the phone calls of managers and CEOs of businesses, setting up meetings on their behalf, and providing general assistance with their work.

You may improve your skill and experience while working as a virtual assistant for more than one individual, and you can also increase the amount of money you bring in by doing so. You are, in essence, doing the duties of a conventional assistant or secretary; the only difference is that you do it in a digital capacity.

The typical pay ranges from $500 to $2,000 each month.

  1. Authors of technical documents
    This is one of the careers that does not require physical labor and pays well. In addition, it is a fun work with a low stress level. Technical writers are responsible for developing operational procedures and manuals from the ground up, and then writing them down. Research, development, and documentation of technical design requirements and test scripts are carried out, and in addition to the production of hard copy guides, electronic documentation is also carried out.

Annual Wage Amounting to an Average of $34,343

  1. Transcription
    The last job on our list of non-physical jobs that pay well is transcribing, which is an in-demand online profession that requires you to convert audio files to text. If you are interested in this work, you can get more information here. Your mission is to pay attention to a collection of audio tracks and then transcribe what you hear onto a computer. You need to be able to type quickly, have acceptable grammar skills, and have patience because there is a possibility that you will occasionally receive files that have a lot of background noise and a variety of accents.

An annual salary of $45,000 is considered to be the norm.

I hope that this list of the top 13 non-physical careers that pay well has been helpful to you in making a decision about a future profession.

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