11 Top Medical Schools In Texas


Are you on the hunt for the finest medical schools in Texas this year? Look no further; your search ends here.

Texas, with its rich academic heritage, is home to several prestigious institutions that offer comprehensive medical programs. Pursuing a medical education in the Lone Star State is a wise choice, given its vast population of around 30 million people, which results in an ever-growing demand for healthcare professionals.

Balancing Theory and Practice: Texas’ Leading Medical Institutions

The best medical schools in Texas, much like their counterparts worldwide, emphasize a balanced approach that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. These institutions have made significant contributions to healthcare and medical advancements in the state and beyond.

To compile this list, we examined factors such as research innovation, admissions competitiveness, GPA and MCAT scores, and the overall impact of both independent medical schools and their affiliated medical centers.

Exploring the Pinnacle of Medical Education in Texas

Here’s a closer look at the most prestigious medical schools in Texas:

Baylor College of Medicine

U.S. News ranks Baylor College of Medicine among the top 10 medical schools in the nation for primary care.

Baylor is also renowned for its affordability, as it is the least expensive private medical school in the country.


Located in the world’s largest medical complex, the Texas Medical Center, Baylor receives substantial research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

It is worth noting that Texas Children’s Hospital, the largest pediatric hospital in the United States, is exclusively staffed by Baylor College of Medicine faculty.

Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine

Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine offers a comprehensive education spanning five campuses, including Bryan-College Station, Dallas, Houston, Round Rock, and Temple.

The institution is committed to nurturing Texan talent, with 90% of its student body coming from the state.

Affordable tuition, at under $20,000 for Texas residents, makes it an attractive choice.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – Paul L. Foster School of Medicine

This medical school, situated on the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, distinguishes itself by requiring all students to study medical Spanish as part of their curriculum.

Clinical training begins in the first year, with a strong emphasis on hands-on experience, supported by a state-of-the-art training facility.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – School of Medicine

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, this school remains dedicated to addressing physician shortages in West Texas and globally.

An integrated and multidisciplinary approach to learning ensures students receive a holistic education.

Located northwest of Texas Tech University’s main campus, students have access to a vibrant university community.

University of North Texas Health Science Center

While the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth has been established for decades, its School of Medicine, launched in partnership with Texas Christian University in 2018, is relatively new.

A strong focus on community-based learning and 12 Physician Development Coaches support students’ medical education.

The University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School

Dell Medical School, a recent addition to Texas’ medical education landscape, commenced classes in 2016.

Its location on the southeastern side of Austin provides students with ample clinical experiences at renowned medical facilities through its partnership with Ascension Seton.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine

Founded in 1891, this school combines historical charm with modern facilities, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

UTMB boasts multiple schools, including medicine, nursing, health professions, and graduate biomedical sciences.

Its substantial alumni presence underscores its significance, with one in every six Texas physicians having trained here.

The University of Texas Health Science Center

Part of the Texas Medical Center, UTHealth encompasses six schools, including dental care, biomedical engineering, nursing, biomedical informatics, public health, and the McGovern Medical School.

The McGovern Medical School is the seventh-largest in the nation, enrolling 240 medical students annually.

The University of Texas Long School of Medicine in San Antonio

As the largest provider of physicians in southern Texas, this school boasts an annual enrollment of approximately 900 medical students and 800 residents.

It offers unparalleled opportunities for students to work with diverse populations, including at the Mays Cancer Center, Center for Emergency Medicine, Research Imaging Institute, and Center for Healthy Aging.

University of Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine

Launched in 2016, this budding institution is still working toward full accreditation.

With 11 departments and affiliations with regional hospitals like Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, Knapp Medical Center, McAllen Medical Center, and Valley Baptist Medical Center, it provides students with diverse clinical training experiences.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Comprising the UT School of Health Professions, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, and the UT Southwestern Medical School, this center offers an exclusive medical education.

With an acceptance rate of about 5% and top-tier MCAT scores, it ranks among the top ten for primary care in the U.S.

The center also provides various combined degree programs, including M.D./Ph.D., M.D./M.B.A., and M.D./M.P.H.

Conclusion: Pursue Excellence in Texas

When it comes to medical education, Texas offers an array of renowned institutions that cater to aspiring healthcare professionals. From cutting-edge research to hands-on clinical experiences, these medical schools equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of medicine. Whether you are an aspiring physician, nurse, surgeon, or practitioner, Texas’ top medical schools provide a solid foundation for your medical career.

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