Top 10 Part-Time Jobs In Canada For International Students

Are you an international student looking for part-time jobs in Canada? Search no further because we’ve compiled the best list of the highest-paying part-time jobs in Canada for students like you.

Canada offers an array of part-time job opportunities for international students, providing a diverse selection of employment options. The Canadian government places a strong emphasis on family values and strives to cultivate an inclusive environment where international students can smoothly integrate into Canadian life.

Engaging in part-time work in Canada as an international student allows you to maximize the benefits of your Canadian visa. This opportunity enables you to earn income while preserving your primary objective of pursuing your education and obtaining the necessary qualifications.

You’ll find a comprehensive list of part-time employment opportunities spanning the country, including positions in customer service, tutoring, and more. Take a look at our catalog of part-time jobs tailored for international students in Canada and discover the one that aligns with your requirements.

Highest-paying Part-Time Jobs In Canada For International Students

International students often seek part-time employment to cover living expenses or supplement their income from educational programs. Working part-time in Canada not only helps you gain valuable experience in the Canadian job market but also offers the opportunity to establish crucial references and network with contacts that can benefit your future career once you’ve finished your studies.

1. Part-Time Teaching job

Tutoring is gaining popularity among students and individuals seeking flexible schedules, with online tutoring offering numerous advantages. This mode of work allows you to set your own hours, take on assignments from anywhere, work from the comfort of your home, and save on living expenses.

Teaching English or various subjects to students of all ages, whether in your own country or worldwide, is a simple yet impactful way to make a positive impact on others’ lives while supplementing your income.

Additionally, international students with a passion for teaching subjects they are knowledgeable about may discover unique tutoring opportunities that align perfectly with their skills and interests.

2. Teacher assistant job

Are you a student eager to play a role in the world of education and learning? This is your opportunity to apply your academic knowledge to enrich the minds of young learners. Embark on a part-time journey as a teacher’s assistant in Canada and help them harness the full potential of your expertise.

A teacher’s assistant, typically a student, works alongside educators to support classroom or instructional activities. These assistants can specialize in specific grade levels, subjects, or classroom management tasks, such as grading assignments and overseeing student conduct.

Canadian colleges and universities are increasingly seeking part-time teaching assistants for both full-time and part-time positions. International students can seize these opportunities to enhance their resumes, earn income, and expand their social networks. As a part-time teaching assistant, you can expect responsibilities like answering phones, sorting mail, and handling routine office duties. Fluency in the local language, if applicable, can be an additional asset to your skills.

3. Bartender

Canada offers a wealth of experiences and adventures for international students hailing from all corners of the globe! While Technical Training Programs are undeniably popular, there are also alternative avenues to explore the local scene. One exciting option is to take on a part-time gig as a bartender.

As a bartender, you’ll have the chance to engage with people, fostering connections in a creative and laid-back environment. This role is ideal for students seeking a flexible job with competitive earnings, as well as individuals with a passion for the hospitality and leisure sectors looking to gain more experience. You can develop fundamental bartending and customer service skills while potentially making up to $300 per night.

Already have bartending experience under your belt? If so, you’ll relish the opportunity to work permanently at renowned bars. You’ll revel in the lively ambiance, witnessing the enjoyment your crafted cocktails bring to delighted patrons. Bartending involves staying on your toes, interacting with customers, and occasionally navigating a bustling environment. It’s a rewarding and immensely enjoyable line of work.

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4. Barista

Canada holds the distinction of being the largest expanse of inhabited land on Earth. Its vastness is matched only by the richness of its cultural tapestry and the diversity of its climates. In a resurgence of an age-old concept, the realm of barista jobs in Canada has experienced a rejuvenation. The remarkable growth witnessed over the past five years has catapulted this profession into one of the country’s most fiercely competitive arenas. With an influx of individuals seeking Barista Jobs in Canada for International Students, it’s no surprise that the competition for these positions has intensified.

Embark on a journey of excitement, challenges, and accomplishments within the Canadian fast-food industry. Open the door to opportunities at renowned Canadian fast-food chains, collaborate with seasoned professionals, and establish your presence in this ever-evolving culinary landscape. Becoming a barista, one of the pivotal roles in any restaurant entails taking customer orders efficiently and ensuring prompt service, all while extending a warm welcome to patrons.

5. Part-time nanny jobs

International students who are planning to study in Canada through Study International have the opportunity to enjoy various advantages by securing part-time employment. Nannying stands out as a particularly popular full-time job option for international students. When residing in Canada and pursuing post-secondary education as an international student, you can pursue part-time work as a nanny. This not only provides a valuable opportunity for children to learn about different cultures but also allows you to earn money to cover school supplies, tuition expenses, and international phone plans. Nanny salaries typically vary depending on the family but generally fall within the range of $12 to $16 per hour. By allocating two days for work and keeping your weekends free, you can allocate four days to focus on studying, leisure activities, and exploring the wonders of Canada.

The availability of part-time employment in Canada is largely driven by the preference of many Canadian families to have assistance with caring for their elderly members and children while they are at work. Numerous part-time opportunities exist in roles such as nannies, housekeepers, and home care aides. While Toronto serves as a central hub for international students, you may also discover job prospects in other Canadian cities like Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, or Montréal.

6. Dog walker

Engaging in dog walking is a part-time employment opportunity in Canada that allows you to earn income while enhancing your conversational and overall English language skills, all while meeting fellow dog enthusiasts and their furry companions.

Dog walking is an ideal role for those who have a genuine affection for dogs. A penchant for an active lifestyle and an appreciation for the outdoors are prerequisites for this job. You don’t necessarily need to be a dog expert; what matters most is your ability to manage one or two dogs simultaneously within your designated area. Additionally, you might be tasked with leading multi-dog groups, which often yields higher earnings compared to individual dog walks.

7. Translator

Globalization has transformed business communication and the exchange of ideas into central aspects of international commerce. Consequently, there is a growing demand for translators who possess the skill to accurately adapt written and spoken content across various languages. While the majority of translation opportunities are freelance, Canada also offers some full-time positions for individuals working as translators and interpreters. These translator roles may necessitate proficiency in both languages, while others may primarily require strong language skills in one specific language.

If you have a passion for languages and possess international experience, pursuing a career as a translator in Canada could be the ideal path for you! As an internationally educated Canadian seeking work opportunities within the country, you may find the opportunity to apply your professional-level education through part-time positions available nationwide. Notably, you need not be concerned about work visas, as this particular role does not typically require one.

8. Uber Driver

For international students arriving in Canada seeking to supplement their income, Uber stands out as the top choice. While numerous part-time job opportunities are available to international students in Canada, Uber offers higher earning potential.

Taking on a part-time role as an Uber driver comes with several advantages. You have the flexibility to establish your own schedule and work hours, ensuring that you can accommodate other significant aspects of your life without compromise.

9. Freelancer

Have you ever uttered these words? “I’m an international student in search of part-time work that I can conveniently do from my residence. My skill set includes blogging, content writing, social media management, and web research.” If so, look no further – this section is tailored precisely for you.

Freelancer opportunities await international students, offering part-time to full-time positions for those who seek additional income and a chance to earn. You can work at your own pace, whether it’s from the comfort of your home or office. Craft your own schedule and define the terms of your employment as you see fit.

10.  Salesperson

Salespeople in retail stores can be compensated through either commission-based or fixed salary structures. Their primary responsibilities involve selling goods and services to customers. They manage customer transactions at cash registers, carrying out tasks such as;

  • Assessing the items being sold, including aspects like size, color, and sales price.
  • Handling payment methods; and
  • Ensuring strict adherence to all necessary procedures and legal requirements, such as including sales taxes in customer receipts or providing correct change.

From remote sales roles to administrative assistant positions, there is a range of part-time job opportunities available to international students in Canada. Let’s explore one of these options.


Getting a part-time job in Canada as an international student isn’t really rocket science, as there are many available job opportunities to tap into. However, having some basic skills can improve your chances of getting hired. Although there are still several unskilled jobs in Canada you can leverage as an international student and get paid for your input.

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