Scholarships For Blockchain Developers

Blockchain is a new technology that’s poised to change the world. It’s already revolutionizing industries like finance, healthcare, and even law enforcement by providing new ways of doing business. But if you want to get involved in blockchain development, there are still some barriers to entry. That’s why we’ve put together this list of scholarships available for students interested in learning more about this exciting new field:

1. Binance X Fellowship

By joining this program, you have the freedom to work on open-source projects that have a meaningful impact but may not necessarily have stand-alone commercial viability in the near term.

As a Binance X Fellow, you will have access to our wide network of founders, researchers, portfolio companies, and developers for mentorship and advice.

Program Details

  • Fellowship participants will receive a monthly stipend.
  • The project will receive support and guidance on defining a roadmap and fostering a community of users and contributors.
  • Open to applicants globally and admitted on a rolling basis.

2. UNIC – Master’s in
Blockchain and Digital Currency

The University of Nicosia believes strongly in expanding access to and affordability of higher education. For this academic year, the MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency program has over €300,000 euros of financial aid available to students attending the MSc program, through a combination of merit scholarships, need-based scholarships, and work-study programs.

Since the MSc program has a rolling admissions policy, scholarships are reviewed and awarded monthly, in conjunction with admissions decisions.

The scholarship is funded by Coinbase, Ripple scholars, etc.

  • All Scholarship applications must be accompanied by a brief cover letter explaining their eligibility.

UNIC Blockchain Scholarship Terms

  • Scholarship applications are reviewed monthly. Applications must be submitted by the last day of the month to be eligible for that month’s review.
  • Only students who have completed their MSc application and have been accepted to the MSc are eligible to submit a scholarship application.
  • Each student can earn a maximum of one (1) merit or need-based scholarship, though need and merit scholarships can be combined.
  • Work-study programs can be combined with either need or merit scholarships upon special approval.
  • Scholarships are applied on a pro-rata basis to each course in the MSc.
  • The University of Nicosia reserves the right, at its sole discretion to award or not award any scholarship to any student and/or to change the number of scholarships awarded, their eligibility requirements, or any other aspect of the financial aid program.

3. Blockchain in Business and Society Scholarships

Eligible students will be contacted by Queen Mary after receiving an offer and invited to apply for a scholarship. We will consider applicants that have achieved a UK 2:1 degree (Upper Second) (or equivalent), and those who are on course to achieve a 2:1.

Level: Masters
Course: MSc Blockchain in Business and Society Scholarships
Country: All
Value: £15,000
No. of awards: 2
Deadline: No deadline.

4. RMIT Ph.D. Scholarships in Green Cryptocurrencies Technology

PhD Scholarships funded by CloudTech-RMIT Green Cryptocurrency Joint Research Program/Laboratory on the design of the next generation of Proofs of Space-Time (PoST) consensus protocols for large-scale green cryptocurrency platforms.

To be eligible for this scholarship you must: Have a Master by Research degree or a Master by Coursework degree with a significant research component graded as high distinction or equivalent, or an Honours degree achieving first class honors in Computer Science. Applicants with research and/or industry experience in building distributed systems/applications will be preferred.

To apply, please submit the following documents to Dr Hai Dong.

Expressions of interest should contain the following information:

  • A one-page cover letter briefly outlining your interest in the project
  • Evidence of research ability: A digital copy of a Master’s or Honours’ thesis; and a digital copy of academic transcripts
  • A detailed CV clearly outlining your experience in developing distributed systems/applications; also important to list any publications, awards, and relevant professional experience
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Academic Transcript
  • English language proficiency test result (for international applicants)

5. PhD Scholarships in Digital Finance

The Finance Discipline of the UWA Business School seeks applications for five fully funded Ph.D. scholarships in the area of digital finance and commodities, especially the tokenization of commodities and real assets. We are looking for highly motivated and excellent doctoral students with a strong interest in finance, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and commodities. The successful students will be part of the $180m Digital Finance CRC of which UWA is a founding member.

Requirement: Candidates with excellent track records and strong quantitative skills. Candidates need to have a bachelor’s Honours degree at a minimum, but most successful candidates have already completed a graduate-level program. Very good English language skills are essential.

6. Blockchain Council Scholarship

Inviting students from colleges and universities to apply for Blockchain scholarships. They’re a community of experts, with industry-approved Blockchain certifications that will help you build an exciting career in areas where Blockchain technology is driving innovation and solving real-world problems.

Blockchain Scholarship Program

  • The Blockchain scholarship program is a $2,500 scholarship for students who are passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency. It’s open to students in the US and Canada who are interested in entering the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • The scholarship is awarded based on three criteria: commitment to the crypto community, academic excellence, and financial need (if applicable).

Solidity Scholarship Challenge

The Solidity Scholarship Challenge is a program run by the Ethereum Foundation that offers scholarships to students and professionals who are interested in learning about blockchain technology. The program is open to people from all countries, ages, and experience levels. To apply for this scholarship, you will have to submit an application form with your name, school grade point average (GPA) or class rank, current academic major/program of study (if applicable), extracurricular activities like clubs or organizations you’ve been involved with lately—and finally why you should be receiving this particular scholarship!

The deadline for submitting applications was on June 30th, 2019; however, due to high demand from applicants, we extended it until July 31st, 2019 while also increasing our award amount from $10k USD up to $20k USD per year!

Google Blockchain Education Program

The Google Blockchain Education Program is a free, comprehensive course that covers the basics of blockchain, including consensus mechanisms and smart contracts. The program will help you gain an understanding of how this new technology works in day-to-day applications such as finance and healthcare.

The course has three parts:

  • Part 1 (video) – Introduction to Blockchain Technology
  • Part 2 (video) – Smart Contracts Development with Solidity
  • Part 3 (video) – Mining and Analysis

Women in Blockchain Scholarships

The Women in Blockchain Scholarship is a scholarship that awards $10,000 to female students who are studying blockchain technology. To qualify for this scholarship, you must currently enroll in or have graduated from an accredited university. You can apply for the Women in Blockchain Scholarship here.

How Do I Apply?

You will need your name, contact information, and some other basic information about yourself (your name, address, and phone number). If you are selected as one of the winners at least one time during the year 2019 then there will be another round of applications coming up later this summer so get ready!

Learn more about these opportunities.

  • These scholarships cover the cost of tuition and other expenses for students who want to study blockchain technology.
  • To apply, you must be enrolled in an accredited university or college.
  • If you’re accepted, these scholarships can help pay for your education and other costs associated with getting a degree.


If you want to learn more about these opportunities, check out the list of scholarships above. You can also use our scholarship search tool to find more opportunities based on your interests and location!

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