Restaurant Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship


Restaurant employment opportunities can be enticing to certain individuals due to the wide range of tasks and roles available. Even if you lack prior experience, you can still secure a restaurant job by focusing on gaining knowledge of the food service industry and advancing within it.

For those seeking a balance between professional and enjoyable activities, or those requiring a part-time schedule, the restaurant industry may provide an ideal fit. In this article, we will explore ten diverse positions within a restaurant that you can consider applying for.

If you have an interest in working in a café, peruse the following list of café positions, complete with average wages and key responsibilities for each role:

1. Food Specialist

Food service workers are responsible for food preparation, serving customers, processing payments, and maintaining cleanliness in a fast-food establishment. They also operate in the drive-through section, receive customer orders via a radio system, and ensure that the kitchen provides accurate orders for guests.

2. Busser

A busser is responsible for the post-meal cleanup of a table and its surrounding areas once a restaurant guest departs. They adhere to hygiene and cleanliness standards, gather a guest’s used plates, cups, and utensils from the table, and deliver them to the dishwasher. Bussers may also set up the table for the next guest, including refilling drink glasses, providing additional napkins, and ensuring there is an ample supply of flatware.


3. Food Sprinter

A “Food Sprinter” is responsible for delivering completed orders from the kitchen to restaurant guests. Additionally, they may communicate special guest requests to the chef, aid servers in taking orders and refilling water glasses, and return plates to the kitchen if there are inaccuracies in the customer’s order.

4. Clerk

A Clerk is responsible for reviewing a restaurant patron’s bill and accepting and processing their payment. Additionally, they may handle tasks such as packaging to-go orders, distributing tips to other restaurant staff, seating guests, and managing reservations.

5. Dishwasher

Dishwasher worker is responsible for thoroughly cleaning plates, utensils, glassware, kitchenware, and other tableware, ensuring that they are disinfected and cleaned in accordance with the restaurant’s guidelines. Additionally, they may be tasked with emptying the restaurant’s trash into a larger bin, cleaning floors, and performing various cleaning duties throughout the establishment.

6. Barista

Barista employees are responsible for receiving coffee or tea orders from guests, preparing beverages, and maintaining the cleanliness of their equipment. They also frequently offer baked goods for sale, acquire new coffee preparation techniques, and keep an eye on inventory levels to facilitate timely supply reordering when necessary.

7. Prep Cook

A prep cook assists the kitchen team by washing ingredients, chopping vegetables, setting up dedicated workstations, and partially preparing food that can be further cooked by a line cook as needed. Prep cooks often take responsibility for additional fundamental dishes such as salads or uncomplicated side dishes.

8. Expediter

An expediter is responsible for delivering food from the kitchen to guests. They also oversee the orders within the kitchen to ensure that cooks are prioritizing order tickets and that guests receive their food in a reasonable amount of time. Expediters also verify the accuracy of meals before servers serve them and may add ingredients or sauces to a dish to complete it according to the guest’s preferences.

9. Hostess

A host/hostess is responsible for greeting restaurant guests, managing a waiting list, accepting reservations, seating guests based on their arrival time and party size, sanitizing menus, and arranging table settings. Many hosts and hostesses also handle incoming calls from guests and assist with to-go orders.

10. Server

A server is responsible for receiving guest orders, addressing menu inquiries, suggesting meals based on guest preferences, generating bills, and processing payments. They replenish a guest’s beverages and may clear plates and other utensils once a guest has finished to maintain a tidy table. Servers may also be required to convey order modifications to kitchen staff.


Employment in the restaurant industry can be demanding and stressful. The hours can be extended, and the tasks physically demanding. During busy meal times, there can be significant pressure to prepare meals swiftly while maintaining quality. There may be instances when your breaks are postponed due to a rush of customers. Working in a restaurant cultivates essential life skills such as resilience, patience, and multitasking. However, it’s important to acknowledge that it is indeed hard work, requiring a considerable degree of endurance and perseverance.


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