How To Craft An Effective Scholarship Motivation Letter


How do you write a strong motivation letter for a scholarship?

When it comes to pursuing a scholarship, your motivation letter plays a pivotal role in setting you apart from other hopeful candidates. A well-crafted motivation letter has been instrumental in securing scholarships, both academic and professional, and landing positions in renowned organizations.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the essential steps of creating a compelling motivation letter for a scholarship. By following these guidelines, you can develop a template that allows you to apply for numerous opportunities and significantly enhance your chances of securing an international scholarship.

Your scholarship motivation letter should not only highlight your academic achievements but also showcase why you believe you are the most deserving candidate. What skills and abilities do you possess that can contribute to the university or the host country? Express your enthusiasm for learning and your ability to bring fresh perspectives.

This isn’t to discount the significance of academic excellence, experience, or accolades, but a well-written and captivating motivation letter can reinforce why your achievements and skills make you an ideal scholarship candidate, as you’ve articulated in your letter.

Before embarking on writing your scholarship motivation letter, it’s essential to:

  1. Research the institution and the host country where you intend to study. What qualities are they seeking in candidates? Explore sections on their official website such as “About Us,” “Our Culture,” and “Philosophy” to understand the institution better. Do they prioritize leadership or teamwork? Are they committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility? What are their ethical values? Do they place a higher emphasis on measurable achievements?
  2. Analyze faculty profiles and review the institution’s mission and vision. Use synonyms to describe their alignment with their mission.
  3. The second approach is to read testimonials from previous students (whether scholarship recipients or not) and faculty members. Learn from those who have been through the process before. Additionally, you can look at ratings and reviews to gauge your interest.

How to Compose a Winning Scholarship Motivation Letter:

After conducting your research, it’s time to craft a compelling scholarship motivation letter. Ensure that your motivation letter includes the following elements:


Header and Title:

Title: “Letter of Motivation for the [Name of Scholarship]”


  • Full Name
  • Postal Code and Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Skype and social media (optional)

Header Placement: The top right is recommended, although the upper left can also be used.

Brief Introduction:

Begin with a polite salutation and immediately state the purpose of your letter. Clearly express your intention to apply for the scholarship offered by [Scholarship Name]. Briefly explain why you are seeking this scholarship and what has inspired your application.

Take this opportunity to briefly convey what you admire about the institution or host country to which you are applying. Additionally, share your academic and career aspirations and how they align with the goals of the scholarship program.

For example, you might say, “For quite some time, I have been aspiring to engage in international study, and I am convinced that the curriculum offered by your university will be invaluable in achieving my goals.”

Showcase Your Qualifications:

In the second paragraph of your motivation letter, present your qualifications and achievements in a manner that underscores their relevance to the institution or host country.

Highlight Your Contributions:

Demonstrate how you intend to leverage your skills and abilities to contribute to the institution or host country while pursuing your education. Mention specific contributions such as “raising awareness of my home country among peers” or “participating in sports or artistic endeavors.”

Show that you understand the values and priorities of the institution or country to which you are applying. Build upon the motivation you expressed in your introduction. Explain why their program is crucial to you based on your prior research. How can you achieve your objectives using the research initiatives and resources offered by the institution and host country?

Closing Words:

Emphasize your commitment and eagerness to pursue this opportunity. Use phrases like “I am highly motivated by…” or “I see this as the beginning of a long and rewarding journey filled with…”

Expressing Gratitude and Conclusion:

Thank the reader for their time and express your anticipation of the opportunity to work with them. “Sincerely” or “Yours faithfully” are suitable closing expressions.

Sample Motivation Letter for Scholarship:

I am writing to express my interest in obtaining a scholarship for my undergraduate studies.

Throughout my academic journey, the prospect of pursuing a bachelor’s degree at a university has often been hindered by one significant obstacle: the cost of undergraduate education. I come from a middle-class family, and my parents have been my sole source of financial support since my early years of education. They have strived to provide us with educational opportunities that were previously out of reach due to challenging circumstances.

I graduated from high school with honors, a testament to my perseverance and hard work.

However, my family’s financial situation does not permit me to pursue an undergraduate education abroad without a scholarship. My father had to retire from work following a limb amputation surgery, rendering him unable to return to employment. My mother, on the other hand, works as a bank teller at a local branch. Given our current circumstances, studying abroad without a scholarship remains a distant dream.

My family’s income is primarily directed towards medical expenses, my father’s care, and basic necessities. I have been working part-time for several years, and the modest savings I have accumulated over the past two years were just enough to cover the university application fee.

I am now faced with the inability to afford the initial tuition installment, despite having secured admission to pursue my undergraduate studies.

I earnestly hope to be awarded this scholarship, as it would enable me to study at a reputable university, paving the way for my future career and the realization of my personal and academic aspirations. It would alleviate the financial burden on my parents, who have been under immense stress due to their inability to fund my educational pursuits. I view this opportunity as exceptional, as it would enable me to interact with students and academics from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds worldwide—a network crucial for addressing global challenges from various perspectives.

I want to emphasize that I am an immensely motivated individual who will make the most of this scholarship opportunity. I firmly believe that being a student at your esteemed university will not only propel my career forward but also equip me with the knowledge and skills needed to reach my full potential. I deeply appreciate your time and consideration in reviewing my scholarship application, and I eagerly await your response.

Sample Motivation Letter for Scholarship 2:

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Associate at Great Strategy Consulting Firm. Currently pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts with a specialization in Information Technology at Harvard Extension School, I bring a strong technical background, a keen interest in marketing, and a strong desire to further develop my strategic skills. My academic journey has encompassed a wide range of disciplines, from statistical analysis to project risk management, and I have maintained an outstanding GPA of 3.95. The Great Strategy Consulting Firm’s approach to strategy consulting, particularly in the realms of business development and innovation, has left a lasting impression on me. My academic background, business acumen, and industry experience, I believe, position me as a qualified candidate for the Associate role.

Prior to joining Cambridge, I worked as a technology consultant, specializing in strategic issues related to technology process optimization. In this capacity, I honed my research, analytical, and problem-solving skills while serving Fortune 500 companies. My experience in generating innovative ideas and enhancing processes has given me a deep understanding of the myriad challenges businesses face daily. Furthermore, my experience has underscored the importance of effective teamwork in today’s multifaceted corporate landscape.

My journey as an IT professional has been exceptionally fulfilling and productive thus far. However, I see strategy consulting as an avenue where I can fully leverage my analytical prowess and creative problem-solving abilities. I believe that consulting presents an opportunity to approach challenges not only from the client’s perspective but also from a broader vantage point, transcending industry norms and standards.

I am eager to seize the opportunity to join the Great Strategy Consulting Firm as an Associate. Please find attached my resume for your review. You can reach me at (your email address) or (your phone number). I anticipate your prompt response.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for taking the time to consider my application.


Jace N. Rum

Sample Motivation Letter for Scholarship 3:

My name is Diane Jack Bell, and I am a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in accounting and finance. I have always found satisfaction in assisting clients with their investments, whether in the stock market or real estate. My academic background and professional experience serve as testimony to the clear career path I aspire to carve for myself. Therefore, I am applying for the Masters in Investment Management scholarship.

I have served as an investment banker at one of the state’s leading asset management firms. My responsibilities encompass crafting diverse financial models to assess debt capital, formulating specific recommendations, and creating client portfolio presentations. Over time, I have honed my analytical and collaborative skills.

During an internship at a commercial bank, I had the privilege of conducting impeccable research and quantitative analysis, as well as articulating market dynamics. My ability to manage multiple tasks and assignments while maintaining precision and organization has garnered praise from my supervisors.

My academic background in Accounting and Finance equipped me with the skills to evaluate a company’s financial health, analyze financial data, and manage essential financial statements, including balance sheets and income statements. However, I am eager to elevate my career to the next level. My aspiration to study investment management is driven by the desire to assess the optimal strategies for achieving a client’s objectives, effectively manage a portfolio of bonds and equities, and provide sound buy and sell recommendations.

I understand that St. Hector’s University places high regard on values such as continuity, dedication, and effectiveness.

This is one of the primary reasons I have chosen to apply to your institution. Your core principles have guided me throughout my academic journey and professional experiences, resonating deeply with me. I am confident that I can contribute to the fulfillment of your institution’s mission. I look forward to learning about how the Department of Investment Management fosters student learning and advances research in the field of investment management.

In conclusion, I believe that this scholarship will provide me with the opportunity to further my career and education in investment management. I appreciate your consideration of my application and eagerly await your response.


In conclusion, remember that actions often speak louder than words. While your resume may showcase your qualifications, your motivation letter conveys your commitment and passion. Crafting a compelling motivation letter can be a game-changer; it not only strengthens your application but also bridges any gaps in skills that may be required. To assist you further, we have included a comprehensive motivation letter sample.

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