List Of Visa-free Countries For Nigerians 2023


There’s a huge number of people who want to travel outside the country from Nigeria, and have asked us a number of questions revolving around; visa-free countries for Nigerians in 2022, Nigeria visa-free countries in Europe 2022, and Georgia a visa-free country to Nigeria.

This situation is not only mine. When it involves filing for visas, many Nigerian travelers, especially first-timers, find themselves within the traditional chicken-or-the-egg situation. We require visas to travel, but many places won’t issue us one unless we even have a valid visa permit. 

Visa-free countries can assist close this gap by providing opportunities for travelers to accumulate travel experience. 23 nations don’t require a visa for Nigerian nationals as of January 2022.  this is often not a large number, but it’s a reasonable one to start with.  apart from these nations, several nations provide holders of Nigerian passports with a visa on arrival or an e-visa program.  

The general number of visa-free, visa-on-arrival and eVisa routes to 47 countries now stands at this. Because it’s crucial to double-check each country’s visa situation before traveling, I’ll highlight these nations in this article along with information on their local consulates or embassies. 

These statuses may occasionally change, and if they are doing,  you do not want to be left behind. I’ll also highlight nations with relatively simple visa application procedures and therefore the places we can travel with a permit from the UK, USA, any Schengen country, or any OECD member country for Nigerian citizens.

In several nations,  it’s currently customary and lawful to refuse entry to anyone traveling without a visa and the necessary visa papers. A visa is provided by the state you desire to visit and functions similarly to a permit to enter the country for a set period.


A passport is required from every citizen of a given nation before they will travel to another. Some nations make it difficult to get a passport. the worth of a passport is very high in places like Nigeria, and obtaining a visa has proven to be one of the biggest obstacles for Nigerians who want to travel abroad.

The procedures needed to get a visa might be time-consuming. However, given Nigeria’s current predicament, many would like to leave the nation in pursuit of a better place with more peace and tranquility.

Here are lists of countries without visa requirements for you as long as you have a valid Nigerian passport if you want to travel abroad but have thought about the cost, time, and procedures involved in obtaining a visa.

Where can I go with Nigeria passport without visa?

1. Georgia

Nigerians can only obtain a visa upon arrival in Georgia.

Because visas are only provided upon entry,  it’s frequently referred to as a visa-free country.  one among the nations to visit without a visa is Georgia.

2. Mauritius. 

A beach in Mauritius is one among the available nations for Nigerians without a visa. Mauritius,  a stunning island republic within the  Indian Ocean,  is found in East Europe. one among the nations where a visa is not required to enter is Mauritius.

It has a population of approximately 1.2 million people and is renowned for its beautiful beaches, reefs, and lagoons. Beautiful scenery, global influences, and great wildlife are all available in Mauritius. 

The Seven Coloured Earths in Riviere Noire, the island of Île aux Cerfs, and L’Aventure du Sucrem are all well-liked tourist destinations. Nigerians can visit Mauritius without a visa for a complete 90 days.

3. The Gambia

Even though The Gambia is an underrated vacation spot in Africa,  it’s a lot to offer in terms of palm-lined beaches, wildlife preserves, bird viewing, culture, and history. With its fascinating history, gorgeous beaches, and scented markets, the exotic capital city of Banjul exudes an attractive allure.

The city, which is on St. Mary’s Island, is brimming with personality as you stroll through Old Town’s dilapidated colonial structures, witness the customary bamboo knitting cottages, and haggle your way through into the renowned Albert Market.

Holders of Nigerian passports are permitted 90 days of visa-free entry into the Gambia, but you’ll need to show proof of return transportation.

4. Iran

Iran is a gorgeous country found in the Persian Gulf. with approximately 79 million people living there.  The second-largest nation in the  Middle East is Iran. Iran features a  wide variety of landscapes, magnificent architecture, and excellent cultural offerings. Nigerians are permitted entry into Iran without the necessity for a visa and a short-term stay.

Iran is most often visited in the spring (March-May). Many tourists flock to the towns of this  Middle Eastern country during this time of year because the temperatures are at their most agreeable. Be able to book far ahead and pay increased hotel rates if you can manage the crowds. Avoid the crowds by traveling to Iran  within the  summer (June – October)

winter (November – February). 

Summer provides the warmest temperatures and therefore the least amount of people. Although wearing a headband in hot weather can be difficult, you’ll take advantage of cheaper hotel prices. The weather is a little cooler in September and October, which is right for some recreational recreation.

5. Barbados

One of the nations you can visit without a visa is Barbados.  it’s a stunning nation that is situated in the eastern Caribbean islands. In addition to having beaches all around it, it also has caverns and other intriguing tourist destinations worth exploring.

With a population of 284,000, Barbados may be a  beautiful island full of pristine beaches, clean waterways, and natural beauty. Top sights include Dover Beach in St. Lawrence Gap, Harrison’s subside  Saint Thomas Parish, and Carlisle Bay in Bridgetown. Barbados features a  fantastic climate with mild temps all year long and lots of sunny days. 

The island’s off-peak season, which runs from April to September,  is the ideal time to travel there. Although there are occasionally storm concerns from June to August, this Caribbean location is lucky to possess pleasant weather during this season.

Peak season, when prices for travel and lodging are highest, lasts from December to March. Additionally, you’ll notice that the resorts and tourist destinations are going to be busier. As a citizen of Nigeria,  you will not require a visa to visit Barbados; all you’ll need is a current passport and round-trip tickets. The guests must even have a return ticket,  also as enough money to cover their stay.

6. Seychelles

East Africa’s Seychelles archipelago may be a  stunning area of islands in the Indian Ocean. This country, which has over 92,000 people, is well-known for being a desirable coastal resort area.

You may enjoy breathtaking beaches, exhilarating outdoor pursuits, and delectable cuisine in Seychelles.  it’s one of the nations that do not require a visa for entry, so you’ll travel to this lovely nation without one.

The tropical environment of the Seychelles, which features weather and various amounts of downpours throughout the year, is liable for the country’s luxuriant vegetation.

The busiest seasons are summer (June through September) and winter (December through March). Although Seychelles doesn’t require a visa for entry, prospective travelers are encouraged to hunt for a 1-month renewable visa before traveling there.

7. Bangladesh

Another country outside of Africa that accepts Nigerians without a visa is Bangladesh, which is on the Asian continent. A visa is provided upon arrival for 30 days.

Bangladesh is both bustling and noisy and quiet and peaceful, making it a perfect place for an adventurous traveler. You will undoubtedly encounter folks who will embrace your spirit,  and therefore the scenery, including the beaches, is unspoiled and luxurious. The population of this lovely nation is 161 million.

The season, which lasts from late October to March,  is the ideal time to travel to Bangladesh. Daytime temperatures between 24°C to 30°C are pleasant for tourists during this point,  and therefore the weather is also much milder.

8. Madagascar

Off the coast of southeast Africa, in the Indian Ocean, sits the island nation of Madagascar. More than 24 million people call Madagascar home.  the journey island of Madagascar has a wide variety of exotic sights that will make you feel very grateful for nature’s wonders.

Which area you will be visiting determines the ideal time to visit.

The north is hot and muggy during the season, whereas the south is desert-like.  the simplest months to see humpback whales and infant lemurs on Ile Sainte-Marie are June and July.

The highlands of Madagascar’s north and center,  also Antananarivo, start to receive rain again between November and December.

Nigerians are ready to obtain a visa upon landing in Madagascar for a90 days.

9. South Asia

Sri Lanka is a nation renowned for its lush tea plantations, rare wildlife,  and luxurious beaches.  it’s a location that beckons daring travelers. Sri Lanka, a nation of 20 million people, is as beautiful because it is large and culturally diverse.

Due to Sri Lanka’s equatorial climate,  it’s pleasant, warm days all year round. There are two monsoon seasons, though, so counting on the region of the country you intend to visit,  you’ll wish to look up the weather reports as the amount of rainfall can vary.

The monsoon season runs from May to July in the southwest and from October to January in the northeast. Although most of the country experiences reasonably warm weather, northern places like Kandy and Nuwara can experience frigid evenings with temperatures ranging from 15°C.  the perfect months to visit are between November and April to see animals.


Whether you are traveling abroad for the first time or looking for how to travel abroad for free, I hope you find the guidelines above helpful.

Feel free to share with us your challenges in trying to travel abroad from Nigeria. We will be more than happy to reply you, also feel free to share this post with friends on social media who might be wondering what is the list of VISA free countries for Nigerians to travel and get Visa on arrival.

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