List Of Schools With The Highest Number Of Cultism In Nigeria

It is common for freshers to ask which Polytechnic has the highest rate of cultism in Nigeria in order to know the most rugged university in Nigeria before they can seek admission into such a school of learning.

Cultism and cults are persistent menaces to life and harmonious coexistence on our campuses. Unfortunately, cultism still poses a significant social threat and a significant barrier to peace and harmony in many places, despite the fact that membership in campus cults carries a five-year prison sentence. 

In Nigerian universities and colleges, where cult organizations and activities were more directed towards a specific goal, they have recently turned violent and devastating, especially since the 1980s. Undoubtedly, the threat has piqued the interest of all parties, both inside and outside the educational system. 


The educational disruption of academic processes is a clear indication of the system’s growing harmful effects on education. Which has led to campus security issues, infrastructure devastation at the institution, death losses, etc.

Students who belong to cults sometimes struggle academically because they must skip class during times of cult conflict for their safety, which results in them having to repeat a year or more of school in order to complete other requirements for graduation and write their final exams.

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Many college students join cults without understanding the detrimental effects of cult membership based on their knowledge. Many pupils also understand how cultism affects society. Some pupils know cult members for their high disregard for learning issues with their academic progress. The existence of cults and their actions have, in fact, caused disruptions at our tertiary institutions.

Confraternity members and alumni throng campuses during the first few weeks of the academic year looking for new members. Initiation rituals typically feature brutal beatings to test the participants’ fortitude and the consumption of a blood-laced beverage. Before becoming full members, male initiates may occasionally be asked to clear another barrier, such as raping a popular female student or a female member of the university staff. Prospective members may be asked to engage in six rounds of brutal sexual activity with the all-female Jezebels or Amazons female cult or to engage in combat with a group of women or a much stronger guy. Additionally, cults impose annual membership dues ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 naira on members. Cults frequently engage in criminal conduct, such as intimidating professors into awarding high grades. 


Leading Cultism Institutions in Nigeria

Cultism, which is already on the rise in the Nigerian academic system, is one of the main issues confronting today’s universities. This article attempts to educate us on the need to be aware of our language and attire, especially for those who are ignorant and are seeking admission to various universities. In cult institutions, depending on the situation, “you either execute or you get executed.”

One of the most stupid and senseless causes of mortality for most young people recently has been cultism. Due to the ridiculous mentality of “to kill or get killed” held by these so-called Strong-men, even people who are not cult members have been wasted and have suffered various casualties, just like Frat guys (cultists).

What effects does cultism have on society and students?

The following are some effects of cultism: Conflicts between cults pose a threat to campus safety and security as well as to society at large. Cultists kill people and bring misery to the families impacted by their actions. They prevent individuals who work hard from reaping the benefits of their labor.

  • Untimely death

The untimely loss of life is one of the pitiful results of cultism. The government battles crimes committed by members of cults like armed robbery, kidnapping, drug abuse, and murder on a continuous basis through its law enforcement authorities.

  • Absence of morals

Cultism causes young individuals to lose their morals. This is so because the majority of these cult groups’ beliefs and ideologies are opposed to the inherent morality of life. They undermine the objective moral principles of life by encouraging the practice of retaliation and violence. People with values from their childhood tend to lose them due to the destructive effects of the cult system.

  • Substances and drugs Addiction

Furthermore, the influence of cultism on our kids can contribute to drug addiction. Through the network of drug traffickers that these cults frequently utilize, they are continually exposed to narcotics inside their social group of fellow members.

  • psychological disorder

Young people’s behavioral patterns can be impacted by cults. Every social group, including cults, has some influence on the members’ daily lives. Members of cults typically have a similar peculiar character that sets them apart from others through their interactions. It is simple to determine by paying close attention to the group’s behavioral patterns. They occasionally display violent inclinations, suspicious secrecy, doubt, mischief, depression, etc. These actions may occasionally be the result of cult influence from without.

  • Unrealistic Life Goals

Cultism can also cause youth to lose their aspirations and goals. Because of the detrimental effects of cultism, the majority of young people with promising futures and potential decide not to pursue their careers or their ambitions. Some cultists’ untimely deaths result in their goals being permanently shelved and never realized. For some drug abusers, the common side effect of their behavior is mental illness also prevents them from achieving their goals.

  • The disease of the Mind

Cult involvement can lead to mental illness in young people. Drug abuse and cultism go hand in hand quite nicely. They take these medications to boost their morale so they can do their tasks. A spiritual issue

The spiritual struggle that cultism exposes such youth to later in life is another influence. The process of joining a cult, which includes fetishistic practices including the use of blood, signing an oath, sleeping on cemeteries, using charms and talismans for protection, and leaving markings on members.

List of universities with the highest rate of cultism

The universities in Nigeria with the highest prevalence of cultism are listed below.

1. University of ibadan or UI

The first cult movement in Nigeria was called Pyrates. Aig-Imoukhuede, Pius Olegbe, Ralph Opara, Nat Oyelola, and Olumuyiwa Awe, friends of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Wole Soyinka from the University of Ibadan in Oyo State, founded the organization in 1952. Later, they referred to themselves as the Sea Dogs. They have three goals in mind: to do away with tradition. 

In the latter half of the 1960s, a faction broke away from the Pyrates to create the Secret Cults. Today’s fraternities were referred to as “vile, demonic societies” by Wole Soyinka. However, he continues to be a part of the Pyrates, a group committed to doing good deeds and supporting charities. 

2. Benin University, or Uniben

Nigeria’s Edo State is home to the University of Benin, popularly known as UniBen, which is reported to have the highest prevalence of cult activity.In the Nigerian university system, there is a contentious hidden cult called The Sea Dogs. The National Association of Seadogs is the oldest confraternity group in Nigeria after it was founded in 1952. 

They have been associated with criminal activity, yet they also contribute to society, such as by rallying people to the 2021 prostate cancer awareness campaign. The cult’s emblem was made out of an anchor, two crossbones, and a skull. They oppose tribalism and convention (an agreement between nations covering specific issues), and they are in favor of knighthood and humanistic partnerships. 

3. UniPort, the University of Port Harcourt

This awful university is a no-nonsense establishment with a high cultism rate and is likewise situated in River State. Given that this is the university where the Supreme Vikings Confrataninty was established, you shouldn’t be seen wearing red and black there. In 1982, a few ex-Buccaneers established the Supreme Vikings Confraternity. The organization’s first name was “De Norsemen Club of Nigeria.” Members of this movement go by the names Aro-mates, Adventurers, or Vultures, and their movement’s emblem is SVC (two crossed axes and a boat).

However, it is also the same university where the Aye-Axe Men cult was established. On campus or anywhere else, you must never be spotted wearing black and yellow.

4. Delsu, Delta State University

Delta State University is one institution where there are cults, murders, shootings, etc. The social disintegration of youth and the deterioration of educational standards require constant attention. Nigeria’s academic woes have gotten so bad that we can no longer take pride in the millions of graduates we produce each year from our higher education institutions.

The same can apply to the neighboring nations as well as to all of Africa. 

Due to this, indigenous of delta state can not get a federal-paying job without a heavy background check on them to ascertain if they have ever been involved in cultism or related crime. Bolaji Carew was the dismissed leader of a group called the Pyrate Confraternity. They established the Buccaneers, also known as the National Association of Sea Lords delsu unit, and surpassed their mother cult in strength. Because Buccaneers had extremely high criteria for academic performance and intellectual ability, many cults developed in Nigeria among students who were never violent.

Their rituals and symbolism, nevertheless, still mirror those of the Seadogs. The Seadogs, on the other hand, are successful because some students join them out of concern for their safety from competition cults like the Black Axe and Pyrate Confraternity. The Sea Lords are a cult whose members go by the names Fine Boys, Ban Boys, Alora, Bucketmen, and Lords, among others. 

5. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Institute (MAPOLY)

MAPOLY, which is based in Abeokuta, Ogun State, is well-known for its lack of intelligence. Many of the students now enrolled in this higher institution are known for being somewhat unserious. A recent survey revealed that many of her female cult students leave school and return to the neighboring state of Lagos to trade bodies. Many people worry that the institution’s growing cult culture is out of control. Many believe that the low caliber of teaching and mentoring at the school is the cause of the fact that nearly anyone can be admitted to MAPOLY.

6. Ambrose Ali University(EKPOMA)

Fear is evoked by the name, and the cause is plausible. The Ekpoma has been associated with cultism for a very long time. In addition to cultism, cases of students sleeping with professors for grades continue to rise, raising questions about the caliber of the students and graduates produced. 

In 1963, students from the University of Ibadan established the Supreme Eiye Confraternity in Ekpoma. They are popularly known as the Air Lords or HABA-KRIER. Indifferent to other traditional cult groups, it was founded to have a positive impact on its members’ social-political, cultural, physical, and mental development. According to the movement’s motto, there are no opponents and no friends; there is just confraternity and discipline. Their members go by the names Fliers, Airforce, Airlords, etc., and their emblem is a landing eagle. 

7. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology(LAUTECH)

The case against LAUTECH rests solely on the fact that the strikes are ongoing and the students are still stuck at home. One can’t be sure when individuals who have already been admitted will graduate, what credentials they will hold when they do, or how they will be able to justify what they haven’t learned. However, the good of the going trike was to help reduce the activities of the sea dogs black axe, and other female cult groups which have been issued to the society.

8. River State University

Another popular university is Rivers State University. In Nigeria, the Confraternity of Black Axe is notorious. It was founded by some students at the river state university of to combat racism toward Black people (students) in higher education. The founders of Black Axe are thought to have fled the Neo-Black Movement of Africa (an organization in South Africa).

They opposed apartheid in South Africa, sought sanctuary in Nigeria, and introduced that idea to this nation. Members of Black Axe go by the names Aye, Axe-men, Seven (7), or Amigos, and the group’s logo is an axe. Some of their sayings and beliefs are as follows: 

  • With an axe, the Blackman will be set free. 
  • No mistakes. 
  • Being forgiving is wrong. 
  • Don’t desert your neighborhood brother.

9. UNICAL University of Calabar

Bolaji Carew was the leader of a group that Pyrate Confraternity extended the arm of partnership to other schools, of which unical was one of them. They established the Buccaneers, also known as the National Associations of Sea Lords, and surpassed their mother chapter because of the large population the university has, but for you to become a member, you must have shown a great history of academic success and good social communication skills. South of Nigeria has a dangerous university. Numerous cult members who murder their members have never met them before the day they take their lives. It is not unexpected that during cult wars, even blood brothers from different families may murder one another.


Nearly all cult members experience fear, although they rarely show it. Many cult members want to leave. Forgiveness is seen by cultists as a sin. When a competing cult group attacks you on a scorching day, you don’t anticipate leniency. Every time you join a cult, you put your family at risk. If they can’t get you, competitors might turn to them for retaliation. Because he is with their enemy, frat members may assassinate an innocent individual visiting a friend. Cult members don’t respec


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