Linkedin Sponsored Job Posting – How To Get Started


Have you ever wondered why your LinkedIn postings don’t receive double-digit engagement? The secret is consistency, yet an interesting exchange is still lacking. Since its founding in 2002, LinkedIn has developed from a simple site for posting resumes and looking for jobs to a refuge for establishing personal brands. Both B2B and B2C marketers can advertise their content there and develop enduring relationships.

Small businesses and agencies now have good resources for engaging with the audience on LinkedIn thanks to the most recent LinkedIn innovations, including a native video feed, powerful targeting capabilities, and stories. However, many people never get to taste the organic fame on LinkedIn. 

According to statistics, 91% of executives say they turn to LinkedIn first for content that is relevant to their careers. however, with over 300 million each month. What then is the answer? Identifying the optimum time to post on LinkedIn is one of the aspects that might help you receive the most interaction.

It’s crucial to post while your audience is online if you want to spark discussion and get better interaction. However, determining the ideal moment to post on LinkedIn can be challenging. Take heart! For your benefit, we have compiled some advice and information that are supported by evidence.

Market Statistics

It takes skill to create a fantastic job posting, but it turns out that persuading people to apply is just as difficult. The U.S. unemployment rate is currently at a post-recession low, sitting at 5%. Similar circumstances exist in Europe, where the unemployment rate has decreased to 10% from over 12% in 2013.

This has increased the amount of exciting work for recruiting teams and staffing firms, but it has also increased competition for talent. In fact, there are currently almost 6 million jobs advertised on LinkedIn, more than doubling in the previous year. There will be a ton of competition and a ton of new positions appearing in front of candidates.

What can you, then, as a hiring manager, recruiter, or employer, do to ensure that people browse and apply for your jobs? In order to determine that, we examined the positions advertised by the top 15 staffing firms in the US and Europe according to market capitalization. When jobs are offered on Linkedin, members are more likely to view them and submit applications. We hoped to identify any patterns in this data.


Which day 

On the Linkedin platform, Monday is the most popular day for browsing and applying for jobs. Is this a result of workers being grumpy when they first arrive back at work after the weekend? Additionally, over-indexing in terms of job views is Tuesday and Wednesday, with a gradual decline from Thursday through Saturday. What this implies for hiring managers:

This pattern implies that it matters what day you publish your employment on LinkedIn. To optimize your job postings, you won’t need to start working on Saturdays, so relax. Regardless of the day of the week, relevant candidates are proactively notified of LinkedIn’s job postings, guaranteeing that the time of posting has no impact on the caliber of the applicants.

So what time of the week is ideal for LinkedIn posting? The answer is whenever it’s convenient for you, as our algorithms optimize the post so that only applicants with the required skill set to view it.

Which month 

The year’s biggest increase in new hires occurs in January. It’s interesting to note that job applications surge 3 months earlier in October rather than near the year’s end in December. This implies that, in contrast to the common assumption, candidates are not changing their positions as a result of a “New Year’s Resolution” in January but rather as a deliberate decision made in the closing months of the previous year.

What this implies for hiring managers:

You should have your headcount for the following year planned by the fall when applications are at their highest. By doing this, you’ll be able to start the New Year with a solid hiring list and properly resource your recruiting team to handle the influx of applications.

How do I determine when to post something on LinkedIn?

Analyzing your profile data is the most reliable technique to discover your own best time. For any social media network, this is true. There is a LinkedIn analytics tool, just like Facebook analytics and Twitter analytics.

LinkedIn analytics gives you access to more detailed information about your profile, but it’s important to grasp how to use this incredible tool successfully in addition to what it does.

Therefore, we have two experiments that you may run to determine when it is ideal to post on LinkedIn. The steps that follow will also explain how each aspect of LinkedIn analytics functions. According to the information gathered by numerous social media management organizations, posting on LinkedIn is always secure during the following times:

Work Hours(10 am–6 pm): During the first half of office hours, when people are browsing the network in search of fresh information, viewpoints, and inspiration before getting down to business, LinkedIn usage has been seen.

Hours of travel to work (7 am–9 am and 6 pm–8 pm): That’s hardly unexpected, I suppose. While on the way to work in the morning or returning home, people turn to check their LinkedIn feed.

The following are the worst times to publish on LinkedIn:

The worst days to publish on LinkedIn are the weekends. Most of your audience will be out and about, interacting with people in the real world,

or visiting their families. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan your postings mostly for the weekdays.

Comparatively speaking to other weekdays, Monday displayed extremely minimal engagement. It seems reasonable that folks wouldn’t have much time to read their feeds because of Monday’s catch-up and weekly plan meetings.

The least advisable times to publish are after business hours. After work hours, the majority of people frequently migrate from professional social media networks to more private ones.


With LinkedIn’s expanding opportunities, it’s essential to share your content when your audience connects with it the most. Don’t forget that posting at the right times is just one way to stand out from the crowd. Think of it more as an opportunity to display the excellent material you have created. 

It all comes down to producing high-quality content for your audience in the end. Don’t forget to schedule your social media updates using tools for managing social media like SocialPilot. You may use it to streamline your marketing efforts across all social media platforms, not just LinkedIn. Start your free trial and post right away!

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