Is Package Goods/Cosmetics A Good Career Path?


Working in the packaging industry can be highly satisfying. You get to work on a wide range of goods and see them through from beginning to end. Additionally, you get to work with a group of people who are all pursuing the same objective.

The work is also exceedingly difficult. You must have the capacity to think quickly and come up with innovative answers to issues. A solid career option is in packaged goods or cosmetics if you want to invest or land a high-paying position that will improve your life.

By 2029, job possibilities in the cosmetics and packaged products industries will rise by 5%. So this post is for you if you’re still thinking about starting a profession in packaged goods or cosmetics.

What are packaged goods?

A product that is offered in a package, which usually consists of a box or container, is referred to as a package good. Packaged goods are frequently seen in stores and frequently bought in large quantities. 

Consumable products like food and beverages are commonly seen in packages. Some things, like toys and clothing, can be used briefly before being abandoned. Ensuring that the products are secure and safe is the most crucial aspect of packaging. 


To prevent damage during delivery, you must ensure that they are correctly wrapped. In order for the buyer to understand what they are purchasing, you must also ensure that the products are properly labeled.

Is package goods/cosmetics a good career path?

yes, The company you work for, your qualifications, and your experience all affect how much money you can make selling packaged goods or cosmetics. Those who work for Unilever are probably paid more than those who work for Stepan. Workers who produce cosmetic products may expect to make $75,673 per year, while those who develop beauty products may make $65,773 annually.

High paying jobs in packaged goods and cosmetic.

1. Dermatologist 

Dermatologists are specialists in the medical sector that diagnose and treat skin conditions like eczema and body rashes. They can be among the highest paying jobs in the packaged goods and cosmetics industries with an average compensation of $363,500.

2. Graphic artist

If you are passionate about both graphic design and beauty, you can combine your interests by working for a well-known beauty company. Some online beauty stores, like Cult Beauty, Feel Unique, and Huda Beauty, hire professional designers to help them keep up with how their stores look as they change. $53,380 in annual pay on average

3. Cosmetic physician

Cosmetic doctors, also referred to as plastic surgeons, assist patients in altering their appearance through a variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Before you can treat your own patients, you must complete years of medical training if you want to succeed in this sector. $208,000 is the average annual pay.

4. AVP Marketing 

AVP marketing is one of the highest paying positions in the cosmetics and packaged goods industries. This position is responsible for overseeing the company’s product and consumer advertising. Salary: $183,505 on average

5. Photographer

Photographing women for glitzy publications, companies, and websites might be your specialty as a photographer. To exhibit your work and land the position of your dreams, you must have a strong portfolio. $41,280 is the average annual pay. 

6. Esthetician 

Estheticians, also known as beauticians, are educated experts that provide a variety of cosmetic services, such as customized facials, waxing, massages, and nail care. People who take this route typically select a small number of processes and concentrate on them. $36,510 is the average annual pay. 

7. Global Innovation Director

The management of research and development teams is the responsibility of a director of global innovation. They must be imaginative and possess strong leadership qualities. Salary on average: $119,111

8. Product Development Engineer

Product development engineers are in charge of making new products and testing them to make sure they follow all of the rules about safety and health that apply to making cosmetics. $81,042 on average salary.

9. Model

Being a brand ambassador for a business and participating in several of its ads is another professional choice. To be successful as a model, you need to meet certain physical requirements and have the look that the company wants. $31,910 is the average annual pay.

10. Beauty school instructor

Consider and become an instructor if you’ve already achieved success in the beauty industry and want to impart your knowledge and experience to aspiring beauty experts. The following stage would be to finish a teacher training program and work toward licensing as you would have most likely gained experience. $40,590 is the average annual pay.


You’ll notice that many careers in the beauty industry defy expectations. All you need to succeed in this fiercely competitive sector is passion and dedication. It’s an excellent career path to work in the packaged goods or cosmetics sectors because most people, especially women, can’t live without cosmetics or beauty products. You should earn your bachelor’s degree before starting your career path in this field.


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