How To Type Degree Symbol – A Handy Guide


In the world of digital communication, typing special characters accurately can make a significant difference. The degree symbol (°) is one such character that often finds its place in scientific, mathematical, and geographical contexts. Knowing how to type the degree symbol can save time and ensure precision in your work.

Use keyboard shortcuts

The most straightforward way to type the degree symbol is by using keyboard shortcuts. Here’s how you can do it on different operating systems:

  1. Windows:
    a. Hold down the Alt key.
    b. While keeping the Alt key pressed, type 0176 using the numeric keypad.
    c. Release the Alt key, and the degree symbol (°) will appear.
  2. Mac:
    a. Press and hold the Shift + Option keys.
    b. While holding down the keys, type the number 8.
    c. Release the keys, and the degree symbol (°) will be inserted.
  3. Linux:
    a. Press and hold the Ctrl + Shift + U keys simultaneously.
    b. Type 00B0 (zero-zero-B-zero) and then press Enter.
    c. The degree symbol (°) will be inserted at the cursor position.

Using character map or character viewer

If you prefer graphical user interfaces, you can use character map tools available on different operating systems:

  1. Windows:
    a. Open the Start menu and search for “Character Map.”
    b. Launch the Character Map application.
    c. Search for the degree symbol (°) in the character list, click on it, and select the “Copy” button.
    d. Paste the degree symbol (°) into your desired document or application.
  2. Mac:
    a. Open the Applications folder, then go to Utilities and select “Character Viewer.”
    b. In the Character Viewer, search for “degree” in the search bar.
    c. Click on the degree symbol (°) to insert it into your text.

Use AutoCorrect or text expansion tools

To streamline your workflow and avoid repeated manual entry, you can set up automatic corrections or text expansion shortcuts:

  1. Microsoft Word (Windows):
    a. Open Microsoft Word.
    b. Go to “File” and select “Options.”
    c. In the Options window, click on “Proofing” and then “AutoCorrect Options.”
    d. In the AutoCorrect dialog box, type a unique trigger (e.g., “deg”) in the “Replace” field.
    e. In the “With” field, enter the degree symbol (°).
    f. Click “Add” and then “OK.”
    g. Now, whenever you type the trigger word followed by a space or punctuation, it will be automatically replaced by the degree symbol (°).
  2. Text Expansion Tools:
    a. Install a text expansion tool like TextExpander (for Mac) or AutoHotkey (for Windows).
    b. Set up a shortcut or abbreviation (e.g., “deg”) that expands into the degree symbol (°).
    c. Whenever you type the shortcut, it will automatically expand into the degree symbol (°).


Knowing how to type the degree symbol (°) can enhance your ability to communicate accurately and professionally in various domains. Whether you prefer keyboard shortcuts, character maps, or automation tools, these methods ensure you can effortlessly insert the degree symbol into your digital content. By mastering these techniques, you can save time and work more efficiently in your daily tasks that require the use of this important symbol.


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