How To Raise Money To Study Abroad

Can a poor student study abroad? This is only possible through fully funded scholarship programs but not everyone gets lucky with scholarships to study abroad. If you would like to pay up your tuition fees yourself, accommodation, and other necessary fees including student visa fees, you will be needing enough funding to make your dreams come through.

Honestly, studying abroad comes with financial constraints and that’s why the availability of Government funding for study abroad in some countries, people use gofundme as a channel to raise funds, and some from their relatives. In cases where the aforementioned are not able to raise adequate funding for your studies, can you sponsor yourself to chase your dreams of studying abroad, what other means can you use?

There are several undergraduate study abroad programs that allow students to study and work in order to be able to raise funds, as cool as this sounds, it could be challenging for international students in certain countries to cope.

How can I raise money to study abroad? you’re not the only one seeking an answer to that question but you have come to the right spot where you have access to a reliable and practical answer.

Best ways to raise money to study abroad 2022

Sponsoring yourself through school can be very daunting but knowing the right thing to do, will always help you make things easier. Take the following tips seriously if you are on the journey of studying abroad alone.

1. Create an online campaign

Thank goodness for online campaign platforms like FundMyTravel and GofundMe. They enable you to create a campaign for a particular task and receive loads of love from people who are willing to support and finance your travel abroad studies.

2. Become creative

Artworks are in increasing demand with each passing day. Jump into the trend in a highly unique manner and create amazing artwork for sale.

To make even more sales, consider promoting your artwork online and on different social media platforms. With this, you can be able to reach a large audience who could be interested to pay even higher amount of money to have a piece of your work.

3. Inform your relatives

You can write a study abroad proposal in the for of a letter indicating what course you want to study and in which country. This should also include what benefits the program will bring to you and people around you especially them.

4. Students loan

Students loan is one of the most common ways to raise funds to study abroad. Most banks, financial institutions and organizations who provide students loan try as much as possible to make the students loan application process seamlessly achievable with no heavy loan interest rates.

5. Apply for scholarship

This could be the best thing to try when you are looking for means to raise fund for your academic pursuit abroad. Unfortunately, scholarship isn’t easy to get, one has to show some level of commitment and also try to apply for specific type of scholarship and wait for approval which could be time consuming but it is worth the whole stress if approved at the end.

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6. Students grants

If you think you are exceptional and posses amazing skills that would attract sponsorship to study abroad, it is high time you begin to put them in display. Students grants to study abroad are a reliable source of financial aid for students across the world and especially students from developing countries who cannot afford the cost of studying abroad.

When you apply for grants for college students 2022 you stand the chance of becoming one of the beneficiaries.

7. Find a job

When trying to raise money to study abroad, the next possible option to try when all other methods fail would be to find a job. The best types of job for students could be part time job and those which will not interfere with  their academic activities.

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They are several online jobs for students to work from the comfort of their homes without having to go through a whole lot of stress searching for job from one place to the other.


Raising money to study abroad can be challenging but it is possible to raise funds to study abroad if you follow our guides properly.

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