7 Best Ways To Raise Money To Study Abroad


Can a financially challenged student pursue education abroad? While fully funded scholarship programs offer this opportunity, not everyone is fortunate enough to secure such scholarships. If you aim to self-fund your tuition, accommodation, and other essential expenses, including student visa fees, you’ll need substantial funding to turn your dreams into reality.

Undoubtedly, studying abroad comes with financial challenges. In some countries, government funding is available for international education, while others turn to crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe to seek support from relatives and well-wishers. However, what if these avenues fall short of financing your education? Can you sponsor yourself to pursue your dream of studying abroad? Are there other viable means to explore?

Numerous undergraduate study abroad programs allow students to work concurrently to generate funds. While this may seem appealing, it can be quite challenging for international students in certain countries to manage.

So, how can you raise the necessary funds to study abroad? You’re not alone in seeking answers to this question, and you’ve come to the right place for reliable and practical solutions.

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How do people get money to study abroad?

So, how do you raise money to study abroad as an international student? If you want to raise money to study abroad as a student, you will find the following tips helpful, as they also include; crowdfunding for education abroad and scholarship options.

1. Create an online campaign

Utilize online campaign platforms such as FundMyTravel and GoFundMe to launch a campaign for your educational journey. These platforms enable you to reach out to people willing to support and finance your overseas studies.


2. Tap into your creativity

Consider harnessing your artistic talents to create artwork for sale. Artworks are in high demand, and promoting your creations online and on various social media platforms can help you reach a broader audience willing to invest in your work.

3. Engage your relatives

Compose a study abroad proposal in the form of a letter outlining your chosen course, destination, and the benefits it will bring to you and your community, particularly your family.

4. Student Loans

Many banks, financial institutions, and organizations offer student loans with relatively manageable interest rates, making it a common avenue to raise funds for studying abroad.

5. Apply for Scholarships

Scholarships can be an excellent means of funding your academic pursuits abroad. While they can be challenging to secure, demonstrating commitment and applying for specific types of scholarships can yield positive results.

6. Student Grants

Exceptional skills and potential can attract sponsorship for international studies. Grants for college students that offer financial aid opportunities, especially for students from developing countries.

7. Find Part-Time Work

Seek part-time employment opportunities that won’t disrupt your academic commitments. There are numerous online job opportunities that allow you to work from home and balance work with your studies.


Studying abroad as a student from a developing country will not only boost your academic performance but also change your perspective on life in its entirety and prepare you for the journey ahead. Unfortunately, studying abroad doesn’t come easy, as there are many requirements put in place to make sure that only those who are eligible make it to a foreign country, and the major challenge is finance.

However, I strongly believe that with the tips shared with you in this post, you can make adjustments and start saving up for your study abroad or leverage available opportunities that will help you achieve your dreams.

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