Canada Student Visa – Steps To Apply For Student Visa As An International Student


The number of students who check the Internet every day for Canadian student visas is uncountable. This is probably because Canada is one of the most desired travel destinations for people who want to further their studies abroad.

The truth is that before you obtain a Canadian student visa, there are steps you need to take, documents to provide, and requirements to meet, which include financial statements.

Honestly, a student visa is important and required for every student who has a study program lasting more than six months in Canada. This is to answer those who have asked us how to apply for a student visa after migrating to Canada. It’s always best to apply for a Canadian student visa while still in your own country.

Whether you’re looking for a Canada student visa application form to fill out, IELTS requirements, processing time, or a minimum bank balance, you will find this travel guide helpful.

It is possible to easily renew your Canada study permit when you’re already in the country once it expires. Study permits give their holders a lot of flexibility to enjoy; with a study permit, you can work for registered institutions or be allowed to work off campus. If, after graduation, you want to remain in Canada after school, it makes it easier for you to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

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How to apply for a Canadian study permit

Unlike other European countries with many options for obtaining study permits, Canada’s study permit can be obtained in two ways.

  • Paper Application.
  • Online Application.

The easiest way to obtain your study permit is through the online Canadian study permit application, while the paperwork can take time and is considered more stressful.

If you intend to apply using the online route, you will need to submit soft copies of your credentials and might need a scanner to scan and upload your content.

If you do not have a personal scanner to scan and upload your documents, you can make use of the cyber cafe nearest to you for the same purpose.

If you still need help, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Website (CIC) for steps and requirements for the application.

Steps to obtain a Canada student visa

Although you can apply for a Canada student visa via paperwork, we’re more concerned with a less time-consuming process, which is to apply online. Candidates who want their student visa processed quickly will always go for the online application type.

Step 1: Obtain an Acceptance Letter

Getting an acceptance letter from one of the accredited schools in Canada is the first step. To achieve this, interested candidates should make use of various online application portals and can proceed to the next step when any of the desired schools has issued a letter of acceptance.

Step 2: Apply for a student Visa online

There are two ways a candidate can apply for a student visa to study in Canada. You can visit the embassy in your home country to begin the application process, this option is usually time-consuming. Online Canadian student Visa applications through the CIC website are easier and faster.

Step 3: Fill in your biodata

During your application process, you will be asked to fill out your biodata. Make sure you do this appropriately to get a personalized checklist, which will include a list of important documents, estimated school fees, etc.

Step 4: Create a MYCIC account

This MyCIC account step is to be completed when you’ve got all your required documents on the checklist ready for upload and submission when everything is properly filled out and payment confirmed.

Step 5: Attend the interview

After a successful application, you will be invited for a Visa interview in your country of residence. During the Visa application interview, your Visa application status will be decided.

Documents required

  • Letter of acceptance from a school in Canada.
  • Statement of bank balance.
  • credit or debit card for online visa fee payment.
  • Soft copies of required documents


Now that you know How much money is required for a student visa in Canada, I strongly believe it makes your Canada student visa application process easier for you right now. Feel free to share this wonderful guide with your friends who are willing to travel to Canada this year.

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