How Can I Join A Conference For Free When I Have No Money?


Conferences are a great place to network which is why I attend over a dozen meetings in a month. Still, when I talk with folks, their top reason for not attending conferences is cost( conference ticket, hospices, breakouts, food, etc) rather than looking at conference costs as an expenditure, start looking at them as an investment expenditure. 

While I’m all for information and networking, there’s no cover for in-person conversations which is why I’ve set up a community where some of my smart team and business connections were made directly or laterally through an in-person meeting. 

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Every day, I see a stunning conference or convention I want to attend. While some, like the colorful PodCamps, are free or fairly affordable, big conferences like CTIA are very expensive to attend. 

Paying for every conference you want to attend is a fast way to go beggared, However, if you manage to snare early rates and other discounts you should be good to go. 

But there are many ways to arrange for free tickets — not for every conference, unfortunately, but enough to make the trouble worthwhile. I’ve learned that each conference and convention is different and not every system will work at every event. But here are a smart guide to landing the free conference


1. Make social publications about it

 As a freelance blogger, I’ve managed to get some free conference tickets because a magazine or website wanted someone in attendance to write about the event. However, you’ll want to take great notes, at least a couple of photos, and generally pay attention, If you’re covering a conference for a publication. 

You’ll be writing enough in-depth reports for your editor when you return. Covering a conference is surely work. However, he or she presumably expects a great composition for the ticket, If they source out big bucks for your ticket. 

In general, editors tend to choose people or teams they’ve worked with before to cover conferences. But, if there’s a certain conference you want to attend, start with making inquiries about how to partake in writing with that conference. You’ll need a sample of your jotting to show editors it doesn’t have to be published, but you need it to show your worth and capability. 

2. Look for contests 

A lot of gatherings and conventions provide tickets as tokens of their business. It’s not a sure thing that you’ll get a ticket through a conference contest. For the conferences you don’t have to go to you could sell it out to another person and earn money, however, trying to attend the conference isn’t a bad plan. 

Personally, I just set up a Google Alert for the name of the conference and the expression, “ free ticket. ”, with that notification I feel that I have gotten the best from the organizing team.  

3. Volunteer your services 

Numerous conferences and conventions depend on levies to handle a lot of the work of putting together and running the event. Especially if you’re a member of the association putting on the conference, you can frequently get a free ticket just by volunteering your time. The trade-off is that you won’t pay the full convention fee. However, that isn’t inescapably a problem, If there are only many speakers you want to hear. 

The earlier you can get in on the setup process, the more likely you’re to get a free ticket-out. However, no one’s going to ask you to buy a ticket, If you’re on the organizing committee of a conference. You may also be qualified to trade certain services like setting up a website or designing a folder for a ticket. 

4. Ask your master to shoot you 

One of the good effects of having a job is that numerous companies set aside teams for marketing as well as developing workers’ bonds. Having such teams help to make ads for the conferences and that hand can be you. 

It’s often a matter of asking your administrator and seeing what finances are available. However, you’ll be more set to tell your master why he or she should pay for your ticket If you can easily explain why a specific conference will make it easier to do your job. 

5. Present at the conference 

In my view, this is the most challenging way to earn a complimentary ticket. In order to present at a conference( and hopefully get free admission as at least part of your payment), you either have to be invited or submit some kind of offer to the conference organizer. Either way, you’ll need credentials that will move a board that you’re worth having around. 

You have to be an expert or have done something cool enough in the field. Volunteering is generally lower work. But if you have good credentials in your field and a great idea for a contribution you can frequently attend the rest of the conference for free. It may indeed be one of the better ways to attend a conference. Other attendees may seek you out just to talk further about your great ideas and guests. 

 6. Ask for education grants 

Numerous conferences maintain a small education fund for people who can’t go to attend. the main use of these finances goes to scholars, and I’ve seen many conventions ask for some kind of evidence that you need a conference grant. However, ask the organizers if they’re offering any kind of education grants, If you need to attend a particular conference but you just aren’t fit to pay for a ticket. 

Just flashback 

What I’m trying to say is that if you’re just starting, try to attend conferences and network. With a little bit of hard work and hustling, you can go to attend several events at a time. After the first time or two, you won’t indeed need to worry about event costs because the network you’ve erected from there would’ve grown your business. 

Furthermore, if you can arrange for free tickets to a conference or convention, you may still need to consider trip arrangements as well as a place to stay. Traveling doesn’t have to be account-draining, but it does add a little beauty to your conference plans. I’m fond of staying in cheap hotels and lounges to keep costs down, as I’ve paid for the occasional airplane ticket if I managed to get free conference tickets.

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