12 Highest Paying Medical Jobs With Little Schooling

Are you looking for the highest paying jobs with least amount of schooling that is also considered as low-stress medical jobs that pay well? I am glad to let you know that you’re at the right place for the most reliable solutions to land yourself the easiest medical jobs that pay well

The highest paying medical jobs that require little training are discussed here. Don’t just skim this; read it all the way through; you never know when you might need something you missed.

Many people have the goal but lack the resources to achieve it by going to medical school and passing the required exams to become licensed doctors. It could be due to the intense level of competition, or it could be due to the fact that medical school is one of the most expensive options available. Nonetheless, the medical field offers some of the highest-paying careers requiring only a basic degree.


There are other paths you can take if you are unsuccessful in getting into medical school and becoming a doctor. Firstly, if you don’t get into medical school, you won’t have to worry about the time and money that would have been spent applying.

Do not assume that all of your hopes and dreams have been dashed; if that were the case, I would not have bothered to write and publish this essay, and there is still room for advancement in the field of medicine for you. Two alternative routes into the medical field are discussed in this article, both of which are less demanding and more affordable than the traditional routes.

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You can earn a certificate, diploma, or associate degree in 9 months to 2 years from a community college or technical institute in fields like medical coding and billing, medical assistant, and many more.

See? They are not time-consuming, not challenging, not expensive, and pay a decent yearly wage.


You can still pursue your dream of becoming a doctor by working in the medical field at one of the highest-paying jobs that require little to no formal education.

Nonetheless, if you’re not interested in a career in medicine but rather in landing a job quickly that requires little in the way of formal training, you might find what follows to be an interesting read. However, because many of the available jobs are in the medical field, you might be able to pick one up, get trained for it, and begin making a respectable living in a year or less.

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The fact that you won’t need a bachelor’s degree to enter many medical fields also makes these occupations attractive. If you have skills related to the healthcare industry, you’ll be in high demand.

Highest-Paying Medical Jobs that Require Minimal Schooling

Whether you’re looking for 6 figure medical jobs with little schooling or the happiest jobs in the medical field, we’ve curated the best medical jobs list and salaries for you to make the best decisions and achieve your career goals with ease.

Here is a list of the highest paying medical jobs that require little schooling so that you can get your credential and start working in the healthcare industry.

#1. Medical Assistant

One of the highest-paying medical jobs requiring little schooling is that of a medical assistant. Your duties as a medical assistant in a hospital or clinic are exactly as they sound. Many times, hospital staff members are the first people patients interact with upon arrival.

However, a medical assistant’s duties include taking and recording patients’ vital signs, documenting and storing patients’ medical histories, explaining treatments to patients, providing patients with medication and diet advice, collecting and preparing lab tests, and much more.

I recently published a post on how to acquire a free pre-med honorary doctorate degree online. Follow the guide, you will find it interesting as a medical student.

Average Salary: $36,542 per year

#2. Medical Receptionist

The position of medical secretary is similar to that of a medical assistant; however, you will be responsible for administrative tasks and will need to have some clinical knowledge.

The duties of a medical administrative assistant include scheduling appointments, fielding phone calls, maintaining financial records, creating medical and invoice reports, transcribing messages, and handling billing and insurance forms. An Associate’s Degree or Certificate Program can help you develop these skills.

Average Salary: $32,653 per year.

#3. Radiation Therapist

This role is significantly more complex than the first two, and it is one of the best-paying medical jobs that require little to no formal education. You will be administering radiation therapy to patients in the form of x-rays, which are used to diagnose and treat diseases like cancer.

Getting an associate’s degree in a relevant field from a community college can help you acquire the necessary skills.

Average Salary: $80,570 per year

#4. Dental Assistant

The position of dental assistant ranks #4 among the highest-paying medical jobs requiring little to no formal education. Working directly under the supervision of a dentist is more hands-on than what one might expect from a medical assistant position.

You’ll be juggling a variety of administrative and clinical responsibilities, such as organizing patient records, scheduling appointments, and sterilizing dental equipment.

It’s not too dissimilar from becoming a medical assistant, except that in this case, you’ll focus on helping dentists rather than doctors. Dental assisting is one of the highest-paying medical jobs and can be entered with either a certificate or an associate degree.

Average Salary: $36,542 per year

#5. Pharmaceutical Technician

We rank this as the fifth best-paying medical job with little schooling. Pharmacists are medical professionals who also need support staff to carry out their work. By enrolling in a college that offers training for pharmacy technicians, gaining the necessary skills and certification, and finding a job in the field, you can launch a successful career in the healthcare industry.

The salary is among the highest in the medical field for those with less education. A pharmacy technician’s duties include filling prescriptions and refill requests, communicating with patients, answering their questions about medication, assisting with billing and insurance claims, and maintaining patient confidentiality.

Average Salary: $34,000 per year

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#6. Radiation and Nuclear Medicine Technician

Listed below are the top six highest-paying medical jobs requiring little to no formal education. You’d agree with me that this job is about to be made obsolete and that its pay needs to be significantly higher than that of comparable positions.

It’s safe to say that it’s a tad taller. It’s a high-paying field in medicine that requires little schooling. You’ll be well-equipped to do the job with just an associate’s degree.

Among the duties are the preparation and administration of radioactive drugs, the administration of diagnostic procedures, and the instruction of patients in self-care.

Salary Calculator: $75,660 Annually on Average

#7. Phlebotomist

As far as high-paying medical jobs go, phlebotomy technician is near the top. While on-the-job training or a certificate can get you started in the industry, an associate degree will give you access to more in-depth information.

As part of their duties, they may be asked to draw blood from patients for use in diagnostic procedures, blood donations, or intravenous catheter placements. If you possess this skill, you will find a variety of employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics, blood banks, and diagnostic facilities.

Average Salary: $37,356 per year

#8. Medical Health Care Transcriber

The pay is good, but it’s not quite as high as some other medical specialties where less education is required. Even though the work is straightforward and specialized, you still need to be trained for it, and getting the required education at a local community college seems like the most practical option.

Transcribers in the medical field are responsible for maintaining an electronic database of medical reports, listening to and taking notes from audio recordings of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, translating jargon, and proofreading drafts produced by speech recognition software.

Average Salary: $36,000 per year

#9. EMT – Emergency Medical Technician

This concludes our look at the best low-barrier-to-entry medical careers in the country. They’re the ones who respond to calls for emergency medical help (such as 911) and provide immediate care to patients. You can join their ranks by furthering your education and obtaining a certificate or associate’s degree. An EMT’s salary is among the highest of any medical field that requires no formal training.

Average Salary: $39,656

#10. Registered Nurse

A doctor’s primary collaborator in any medical setting is the nursing staff. A high school diploma, a certificate of completion from an approved nursing program, and a state license are the minimum requirements for becoming a registered nurse.

A registered nurse’s duties include taking a patient’s vitals, inserting and starting intravenous therapy, cleaning wounds and changing bandages, and communicating the patient’s condition to the doctor.

Typically, the average salary of a registered nurse is: $55,030 per year.

#11. Home Health Aide

Consider becoming a home health aide if you want to work in the healthcare sector but don’t like the idea of working in a hospital. It is one of the highest-paying medical jobs with little schooling.

Your duties as a home health aide will include helping the elderly and the disabled with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, and eating. Typically, as a home caregiver, you help others and make their lives easier.

Average Salary: $32,000 per year.

#12. Nutritionist

As a nutritionist, you will assist patients in planning and implementing healthy eating patterns to promote health and wellness.

You will also assist diabetic individuals and those with food allergies in planning their diets.

These are the highest-paying medical careers requiring less education that you may like to pursue; they are quick to accomplish, inexpensive, and pay well after certification.

The average salary of a Nutritionist is: $53,039.

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I hope that you enjoyed the medical jobs contained in our list of highest-paying jobs with little schooling and that they help you discover which jobs in the medical field has the least amount of schooling but pay well.


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