Top 5 Fully Funded PhD Programs


The pursuit of a Ph.D. degree requires a significant financial investment; thus, we recommend that you review our list of PhD programs that offer full funding and then submit your application. You never know if you’ll strike it rich and find one that will pay for your entire doctoral program.

A PhD degree is awarded to a student who has successfully completed all of the requirements for a doctoral program. This is the highest level of education that may be obtained. To be eligible for a PhD degree, you need to have already earned a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree in a field that is relevant to the doctorate program you wish to enroll in. A doctoral degree program provides a greater level of in-depth instruction on a certain topic.

As a result of this, there will be a significant amount of study and fieldwork; in fact, this will constitute the entirety of your responsibilities as a doctoral student. It is an exciting level of study, and it is at this point that you get the opportunity to develop your talent to its absolute maximum. That piece of software, anti-virus program, medication, piece of technology, method, or whatever it may be, that you have always wanted to produce, and this place where you get to build, create, and develop them.

You will collaborate with people whose mentalities are similar to your own, such as other graduate students and prominent professors who have achieved something or contributed something significant to your area of study. Nonetheless, the objective of your research should be to present important contributions to the community as well as the world in general.

The PhD program is really interesting, and you will be provided with all of the tools and everything else that you would require in order to thrive in your work. The fact that it is extremely costly, however, is a significant drawback, and this is the primary factor that has discouraged many students from obtaining a doctoral degree.

In light of this, we have decided to write this post on completely financed PhD programs in the hopes that it would encourage you to pursue your goals and not give up. These programs are offered in the form of scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, and various other types of financial assistance; but, they are all geared toward the achievement of the same goal. You won’t have to worry about money while you’re getting your doctorate if you take advantage of the funding options that these schools provide.

These fully financed PhD programs are open to students from any country in the world as long as they meet the admission standards and then the scholarship eligibility requirements. If you meet both of these criteria, you will be awarded the grant. Because of this, students are able to devote their whole attention to their studies and research without being distracted by concerns regarding their financial situation.


PhD scholarships that are fully funded

1. Yale University Scholarship

The Yale University Scholarship is an award that provides complete financial support to international students. This award is available to students who are pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree. The Yale Grant can range from a few hundred dollars to over $70,000 per year, with the average Yale need-based scholarship being over $50,000. Yale Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need.

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2. The University of California Irvine PhD program

One of the top universities in California and the entire country of the United States, UCI even has some of the best programs in the world, according to certain rankings. The school provides a broad range of academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students, including a German PhD. The School of Humanities at UCI offers this PhD program in European Languages.

Students who are interested in pursuing a PhD in German at UCI may be admitted and receive financial aid. The School of Humanities will provide five years of funding to all PhD students accepted into this program, which will be made up of a combination of fellowship, teaching assistantship, and research assistantship support. Additionally, it will pay for in-state tuition, medical insurance, and non-resident tuition.

You may discover the program’s deadline and other application conditions in the link below. Take advantage of this opportunity right away; don’t let it pass you by.

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3. University of Tokyo PhD Scholarships

Imagine receiving a scholarship that covers not only your tuition but also other costs like emergency loans, student discounts, and exemptions from school expenditures. That is the University of Tokyo’s international student scholarship. This scholarship has two goals: to increase the number of international students and to provide financial assistance to internationally supported students who excel in the classroom.

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4. Pardee RAND Graduate School

In Santa Monica, California, the Pardee RAND Graduate School provides one of the best fully financed PhD programs. Every PhD student entering one of the programs at this graduate school is eligible for financial help, which is also available to students from abroad.

Students are given a full scholarship for their first year of study, and they also work toward earning their research fellowship at RAND. In year two, students perform an increasing number of on-the-job training days, receive a larger research fellowship, and receive a partial-tuition stipend to pay the remaining tuition.

Finally, in years three through five, students’ research fellowships and on-the-job training days grow and the tuition charge is decreased. Additionally covered is the entire cost of the student’s health insurance.

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5. Boston University GRS Fellowship Aid

All newly accepted PhD candidates at Boston University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GRS) are eligible to receive full fellowship assistance for a period of five years. Depending on the department that granted admission, the assistance may come in the form of a mix of a teaching fellowship, a doctoral research fellowship, and a non-service fellowship (such as a Dean’s Fellowship).

Your individual enrollment in Boston University’s Basic Student Health Insurance Plan, which has a yearly premium of $3,054, will be paid for by the university as part of the fellowship grant. This fellowship assistance is one of the fully financed PhD programs that are available to all students attending the GRS, including international students. Additionally, this fellowship aid is open to students from any country.

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Whether you are looking for Fully Funded PhD Programs in special education, computer science, social work, internationl relations, data science, machine learning, public health, and biomedical engineering etc, the above listed schools offer various fully funded PhD scholarships for these programs and many others.

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