Fully Funded International Conferences 2023 In Africa


The truth is in the details when it comes to conferences, as it is with numerous other things. In some respects, planning a successful conference is primarily about the little things – how it’s advertised, where you select to have it, how you interact with those in charge of the venue, etc. By providing as much information as we can in the “Tools” that accompany this part, we’ll attempt to keep the explanation of managing the details under control.

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A state- or country-wide conference that draws hundreds of attendees, most of whom are strangers to the organizers and one another, is very different from hosting a small local meeting that is largely attended by individuals you already recognize and have touched with. However, there are some general principles that apply to both.

1. Collaborative

The collaborative is a two-day event designed exclusively for nonprofit professionals and is brought to you by Classy. The discussion will center on fundraising and technology, and participants will examine cutting-edge best practices and discover how to use cutting-edge technology to increase their impact.

The Collaborative is home after two years as a virtual-only event in two adaptable formats: physically in Philadelphia or digitally from the convenience of your home. The third-annual Collaborative: Virtual Sessions will feature exclusive, online-only content intended for our virtual audiences. 

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Attend hundreds of live sessions created in collaboration with business leaders and professionals based on the current fundraising landscape. Join this meeting if you want the chance to learn from a diverse range of experts and thought leaders.

2. Responsive Nonprofit 

For forward-thinking NGOs, the Responsive Nonprofit Conference offers a virtual learning environment. Spend two days on educational talks and practical workshops to develop stronger systems and growth plans for your NGO.

What to expect 

  • Detailed insights into the most recent developments in nonprofit marketing and fundraising.
  • Practical advice and engaging conversations with sector professionals. 
  • Information to help your team increase donations and improve relationships with supporters. 
  • Workshops that are practical and leave you feeling confident and prepared to act. 
  • Be pushed and motivated to confidently improve your influence and cultivate enduring donor relationships. Marketing Conferences for Nonprofits

3. Integrated Marketing & Fundraising

You have the opportunity to work with nonprofit workers, consultants, agencies, and other marketing specialists at the 17th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Summit to develop creative strategies for amplifying your voice and making a difference in the world.

How to Prepare

  • Dynamic keynotes, discussions, and seminars on the most recent developments in fundraising approaches, strategies, and methods.
  • There are lots of networking opportunities, which will naturally carry the topic beyond each session.
  • Information on significant donor fundraising and how it affects total revenue.
  • There are 60 breakout sessions for nonprofit professionals only.

4. Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit

Those who want to improve their abilities in online fundraising and marketing should attend the Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit (NIO). Hear from carefully chosen experts from around the world on how to develop into a creative marketing professional and raise more money to support your deserving cause.

How to Prepare

  • Innovative concepts from forward-thinking digital marketers
  • How to create a culture of lifelong learning and performance enhancement
  • Preview of innovative technological solutions in a relaxed, non-sales setting
  • possibilities for networking with other innovators in the nonprofit and commercial sectors
  • A quick link to your personal experiment research library
  • 100% funds guarantee if you don’t leave with fresh insights to advance your marketing and fundraising

5. Good Tech Fest

Good Tech Fest is a conference on how to use technology to the fullest extent possible to scale up and assist the initiatives of organizations, the public sector, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship. This conference is meant to serve as a reminder that the potential is endless, from big data to mobile applications.

How to Prepare

  • Sessions on integrating technology into your nonprofit initiatives are conducted by data science and technology experts.
  • Discussions about the use of data analytics and machine learning in your organization.
  • Discussions of data security and ethics
  • Direct knowledge from experts on how they are implementing data science in their job

6. Nonprofit Tech Conference 

Through Slack, all attendees will have access to a worldwide community and will be able to view all sessions online. Make the most of this chance.

An event on how to use technology as effectively as possible to scale up and support activities of institutions, the government sector, foundations, and social entrepreneurship, a nonprofit tech conference is held annually. The purpose of this conference is to serve as an affirmation that there is limitless potential, whether it be in big data or mobile applications.

How to Get Ready

  • Data science and technology professionals lead seminars on incorporating tech into your nonprofit initiatives.
  • Discussions regarding the application of machine learning and data analytics within your firm
  • Issues of ethics and data security
  • Direct knowledge from professionals on their use of data science at work
  • All participants will have exposure to a global community through Slack and will be able to watch all sessions online. Make How to Prepare
  • There are approximately 150 workshops covering topics including program development, marketing, communications, IT, and digital inclusion.
  • Inspirational keynote speakers and stimulating breakout sessions
  • Community gatherings to exchange experiences and develop connections in a casual setting
  • Guided music, art, and activities all day to help you unwind

Following the conference, every event will be recorded and made accessible to see on-demand for three months. Sign up right away for a calm and fun method to gain knowledge that will further your organization’s mission and your own professional goals.

7. Engage for Good

Leaders in the study of business social impact gather at Engage for Good to expand their networks and knowledge. This three-day workshop will help you reach your full potential in the field of social impact with information for your coworkers in advertising, software architecture, and even human resources.

How to Prepare

  • Events, seminars, and partnerships that are specific to connecting you with professionals from other companies who have a similar background or concentration on social impact.
  • Breakout sessions with interactive programming that answer your most urgent questions.
  • Data access and benchmarking to compare your influence with others in the field

8. Nonprofit Alliance 2023 

Attend the Nonprofit Alliance 2023 Leadership Summit to network with other nonprofit sector leaders, learn how to navigate the world’s changing business and service models, and harness the power of transformation to increase your impact.

How to Prepare

  • Techniques for networking that encourage important talks and unleash the power of any team or person. 
  • Bonus Pre-Summit Day is covered by your registration for the Summit. Talks on management burnout and strategies for reviving your vigor and tenacity. 
  • Top leaders’ advice on how to create a road map for success Each day will end with a more laid-back, pleasant networking reception.

In summary

You stay at the peak of your game by attending nonprofit conferences. It makes no difference how much experience you have or what role you play inside your company. Select the conferences for your organization in 2023 that will push you in new directions, provide the best return on investment, and enable you to grow and enhance your network.

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