Free Scholarships For Philipinos To Study Abroad

Studying abroad is expensive and difficult for most students. But there are programs available where you can study abroad for free! This article lists scholarships available in the Philippines and also which countries use English as its main language.

Studying abroad will open your eyes to a new world and provide you with a different view of the Philippines. Since education is very expensive in the Philippines, it is best to find a way to study abroad for free and experience what life is like in another country.

How Can I Study Abroad From Philippines For Free?

A lot of students have a dream to study in another country but they can’t afford it. There are scholarships abroad for Filipino to help poor students with their studies there.

Are you a Filipino searching for scholarships abroad? Unfortunately, scholarship opportunities for students in the Philippines are limited, as scholarships for students from developing countries are rare. There’s no need to give up hope though if you are determined to study abroad. The quest for free foreign study may seem an impossible mission, but with the right strategy, anything is possible.

There are more than a handful of numerous scholarship programs for students, who would like to study abroad but can’t afford the tuition fees. The Philippines through its Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has partnered with various organizations that offer scholarships.

When you hear the word “scholarship”, you might think of the popular myth that it is extremely difficult to get one. While there are a lot of scholarship myths being spread, the truth is that it actually is not that hard to get a scholarship. You just need to find the right institution and then fill out a simple application form. We will help you find the right school, guide you through the application process, and have you study abroad from Philippines for free.

1. Leeds International Foundation Year (IFY) Scholarship at University of Leeds UK

2. Merit Scholarships at California Institute of the Arts for International Students 

3. Out-Of-State Tuition Scholarships at the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania for International Students

4. Mitchell Center Graduate Fellowships at University of Pennsylvania

5. Postdoc Position In Enterovirus Vaccine Research at Utrecht University

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