9 Top Free Online Ministry Degrees And Seminary Degrees

As a pastor or community leader, you know that the Bible is essential to your work. You also know that a formal degree in ministry can help you grow as a leader and provide credibility in your church. If you’re looking for an online degree program that will help equip you with the tools necessary to lead, there are many options available. Here are nine of the best:

Whether you’re looking for a free online pastoral certificate, or a free accredited theology degree online, our post which focuses on certificate in Christian ministry will be of special guide to you in finding the best free online bible school with certificate this year.

1. Crossroads Bible College (IN) – Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership

  • Cost: $0-$40/credit
  • Length: 2 years full-time, 4 years part-time
  • Classes Offered: Biblical Studies, Pastoral Theology, Christian Counseling, Worship Arts Leadership and Evangelism
  • Student to Professor Ratio: 15:1 (approx.)
  • Admission Requirements: A minimum GPA of 2.5. SAT or ACT scores are also required to be considered for admission. Financial need is not an admissions requirement but Crossroads does offer financial aid on a case-by-case basis for those who qualify for consideration.

2. Geneva College (PA)

If you want to earn an online degree from a Christian college that truly focuses on the Bible and theology, then Geneva College is the school for you. The school offers a number of online degrees in biblical studies, including:

  • Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

If you’re more interested in studying theology than learning about the Old or New Testaments, then consider applying for one of Geneva’s three theological programs:

  • Associate of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies (AA)
  • Bachelor’s Degree Program – Associate Degree Completion Option (ADCOP)

Finally, if your interest lies more in general Christian studies than specifically biblical studies or theology, then enroll in their minor program called “Ministry Degrees.” This minor could serve as an excellent complement to a business degree or other major available through CCCU schools like Regent University or Liberty University Online.

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3. Grand Canyon University (AZ)

Baptist Studies Certificate, Chapel Ministries Certificate, Credential of Christian Ministry, Diploma of Christian Studies, Pastor as Scholar Certificate, and Risk Management in Ministry Certificate.

  • Baptist Studies Certificate
  • Chapel Ministries Certificate
  • Credential of Christian Ministry
  • Diploma of Christian Studies
  • Pastor as Scholar Certificate
  • Risk Management in Ministry Certificate

4. Louisiana State University-Alexandria (LA) – Associate of Arts in Religion

The Associate of Arts in Religion at Louisiana State University-Alexandria (LA) is a Christian-based program that seeks to help students gain knowledge about the Bible and Christianity. The program focuses on various aspects of Christianity, including the history of religion, religious studies, and sociology. The curriculum also has some courses outside of these topics that may interest you if you are interested in other religions besides Christianity, such as Judaism or Islam.

This degree program is appropriate for those who want to become ministers or religious counselors because it gives them a strong background in theology as well as practical skills for working with people who have spiritual needs or questions.

5. University of California-Berkeley (CA) – Religious Studies Major and Minor

This online religious studies degree is a great fit for students who want to pursue careers in ministry, social work, or education. You can earn your bachelor’s in religious studies at the University of California-Berkeley by taking courses that cover a variety of religious traditions. The curriculum also includes an emphasis on ethics and critical thinking skills, so you’ll have the knowledge base you need to make informed decisions about any topic related to religion. If you’d like to pursue further studies after earning your bachelor’s degree, you can complete a master’s program in this field through UC Berkeley as well as other institutions around the country.

6. California Southern University

  • Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
  • Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)
  • Doctorate of Ministry (D.Min.)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Religion (Ph.D.)

All four are free, online degrees that can be completed at your own pace and without accreditation requirements or GRE scores.

7. Colorado Technical University Online nt

Colorado Technical University offers a Bachelor of Science in Management with a specialization in Human Resources Management. The degree program is designed to prepare students for careers in human resources management, including those positions that require expertise in the legal and ethical aspects of employment law.

The curriculum is divided into two sections: HR Foundations and HR Applications. The former focuses on basic theory and principles associated with managing an organization’s workforce, while the latter covers specific topics such as compensation management and employee training techniques.

Students must complete at least 67 credit hours from one discipline; however, they can earn up to 48 credits by taking courses through Colorado Technical University’s School for Professional Studies (SPP). This allows them to transfer courses from another institution if necessary or fill out their degree plan more quickly than usual—a great option if you’re aiming for completion within four years!

8. Liberty University Online

Liberty University Online offers an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Psychology.

Criminal Justice degrees are available online, and students may also choose to study at one of Liberty’s many campuses across the US. The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Northampton Community College (PA) – Associate Degree in Individual Studies with a concentration in Bible and Missionary Training Ministry; Bible and Theology Ministry; Christian Education Ministry; Church Music Ministry; Church Planting Ministry; Pastoral Care Ministry; or Youth Ministry.

Northampton Community College (PA) offers an Associate Degree in Individual Studies with a concentration in Bible and Missionary Training ministry; Bible and Theology ministry; Christian Education ministry; Church Music ministry; Church Planting ministry; Pastoral Care ministry; or Youth Ministry.

9. Western Governors University (UT)

Western Governors University (WGU) offers a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in Human Services with an emphasis on Christian Ministry or Counseling. The program is designed to prepare students for a career in ministry or counseling.

Students will study biblical foundations, ethics, and theology as well as counseling theories and techniques; methods used by therapists; principles of leadership; and much more. Students are required to complete 32 credits through online courses and 3 hours of practicum internship experience each semester (30 hours total).


There is no doubt that ministry education is a valuable investment. Whether you’re seeking a degree to enter into the workforce or pursuing higher education because of a call from God, an online ministry degree provides students with many benefits. These include flexibility in course scheduling and convenience in place of traditional classroom learning. The variety of programs offered by each school also ensures that you’ll find an option that meets your needs and interests.

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