5 Examples Of Simple Recommendation Letters


How do I write a simple letter of recommendation? We have seen a lot of people who want to write a letter of recommendation for a friend or a recommendation letter for an employee asking questions about the simplest ways to have an outstanding letter of recommendation written.

A recommendation letter is more than a simple piece of reference. It is a document that vouches for your potential in the job market and can determine your future career path. As such, it should be written with careful consideration and thorough proofreading to avoid any grammatical errors or typos.

A recommendation letter from your previous employer or professor will give you a distinct advantage when applying for another job or academic program. A well-written recommendation letter can help you stand out from the other applicants and increase your chances of being invited for an interview. However, writing such a letter can be quite challenging.

In case you are wondering ‘’what exactly is a recommendation letter’’, let us explain it in simple terms for you. A recommendation letter is something that anyone applying for a job will need at some point in their career. It is essentially a letter that speaks about your work ethic and abilities based on your past experiences with someone else. Such letters usually have positive connotations, which means they usually focus on the strengths and unusual qualities of the person writing the letter rather than their weaknesses. Let’s take a look at these 5  examples of simple recommendation letters:

1. Simple  letter of recommendation  example

Dear Mary flayer,

It’s my outright delight to recommend Annabel Jerome for the Sales Manager position with the sales Company.


It was quite a good time working with Annabel at Jessy’s confections company. During my time working with Annabel, I came to know her as a really significant resource for our group where I was her direct boss and superior. She tells the truth, she’s trustworthy, and unquestionably focused. Past that, she is an amazing issue solver who can resolve complex issues in an intelligent way and with certainty. Annabel is roused by difficulties and never scared to tackle them.

Alongside her irrefutable ability, Annabel has forever been a flat-out euphoria to work with. She is a genuine cooperative person, consistently cultivates positive conversations, and has been a source of motivation to her colleagues.

As a devoted and educated worker and an overall extraordinary individual, I realize that she will be a gainful expansion to your association. And therefore, I recommend her to join your group at the sales company.

 If you have any desire to examine Annabel’s capabilities and experience further, go ahead and reach me at 554-456-1273. I’d be glad to air my suggestions.

Thank you,

Emilia Patrick

Sales manager

Jessy confections Company

2. A simple letter of recommendation  from employer

[Referees Name]

[Referees Telephone] 

[Referees Email address]

[Referees Street Address,

 Referees City, ST ZIP Code]


[Beneficiary Name]




[City, ST ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient]:

I’m composing this reference in line with Abigail Clark, who is going after a job at coded world co. Abigail has worked with me for four years at Ellis lux company.

She has quite remarkable specialized abilities.  She’s goal-oriented and is likewise an extremely quick student, she’s dedicated and also a critical thinker who looks outside the box when faced with certain challenges. Her ability to dovetail and work with her teammates is excellent.

If at all her presentation in my work group is any sign of how he’d act in the accessible position, I strongly believe that in the same vein, Abigail will be a very sure expansion to your association, hence my reason for recommending her.

 If you want any extra data regarding Abigail, please kindly get in touch with me at 123-000-1283 or by email at [email protected].


Thomas Humphrey

HR manager

Ellis Lux Company

3. A simple letter of recommendation for a scholarship




 Letter of recommendation for scholarship

Dear Sir/ Madam

On behalf of my student, peter, I write this letter to recommend him for your scholarship program.  I got to know peter throughout the previous two years being his class educator at Goshen group of schools.

In view of peters grades, participation, and class support, I would highly rate his scholastic presentation better than others. He is very smart, dedicated, and hardworking and I am always determined to step up and help.  Bring up any challenge, whether individual or academic challenge and watch peter scale through like it was never a hurdle.

I hold Peter in the most noteworthy regard, and strongly recommend him for this scholarship program as he would not only grow individually but also make an impact both to your institution and society at large.


(Referees Name)

(Referees Signature)

4. A simple recommendation letter from teacher

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m satisfied to suggest kelvin brown, who has been an understudy in my numerical class for more than three years. During that time, I have come to know him as a solid student and a good example for other students.

Kelvin is a student who consolidates excellent inherent capacity with readiness and enthusiasm to learn. Kelvin can assist his mates with troublesome numerical ideas, yet does it in such a way that is both down-to-earth and non-deigning.

Despite the fact that he knows about his innate capacity in the space of math, kelvin still keeps pushing himself for broader knowledge, both within and outside the field of mathematics. He is important for the school’s Mathletics Team, which challenges nearby schools to prepare their students in numerical rivalries. Outside his academic work, kelvin also has a good record in sports and other extra curriculum activities.

 I, therefore, recommend her for admission and strongly believe kelvin would make a candidate for early confirmations. If you have any need for further inquiries, please go ahead and get in touch with me.


Professor Darwin

Head of Mathematics

Godwin land schools

213 feekyruntown

(544)- 434-1423

[email protected]

5. Simple employee recommendation letter

To Whom It May Concern:

During Elizabeth’s time at the coded hub, where she was utilized as an administrative assistant, she was answerable for office support, including word handling, booking arrangements, and other office writing, which she did excellently well.

Elizabeth satisfied work liabilities with little management. The position required connection with the general population, as well as the capacity to liaise between various offices. Achieving a goal was dependent on solid correspondence and relational abilities.

I’m glad to go about as a kind of perspective for Elizabeth and can address her client care abilities, she also has a hard-working attitude and other impressive skills. If it won’t be any inconvenience, Kindly go ahead and get in touch with me should you require additional data.


Debby Irish

Environmental Coordinator

Coded Hub Company

312 feekyruntown

(544)- 434-1423

[email protected]


Recommendations are powerful tools when it comes to job applications and finding a new job. You can use them to show your potential employer how you would be a great fit for their company. They are also a great way to demonstrate your stand-out strengths and capability as well as provide a glimpse of your character.

However, when it comes to writing a recommendation letter, you need to make sure that it is well-written and clear. It should explain everything about the person you are recommending in such a way that it’s easy to understand and remember. The best way to do this is to take notes as you go and make sure that the letter you write is as accurate and simple as possible.

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