Change Of Course/Institution Closing Dates 2022/2023

So many students have asked us to know when the application for the change of course and institutions for 2022/2023 will end. If you have asked any of the questions below, then this post is for you;

Can I still do change of institution to unilorin? Can I still do change of institution to Oou? How can I change my institution? Although, students should note that JAMB Change of Course/Institution is quite different from school change of course and should not be mistaken for each other.

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So, in today’s post, we are going to focus more on the steps you can follow to change institution/course on JAMB Portal and also let you know the change of institution/course deadline.

Application for 2022 JAMB Change of Course/Institution, is still open for interested persons to buy and carry out their change of institution/course for the year.

JAMB Change of Course/Institution Deadline

However, there is no specific deadline for JAMB change of course/institutions but the service is usually available for the current year until and after admissions for the current set.

Whether you are looking for jamb change of institution 2022 closing date or change of institution closing date, I hope you find this post helpful knowing that you can always do your JAMB change of institution/course almost at every time it is required of you to do.

For school change of course (Internal), we are coming up with steps for different schools so you can know how to do change of course on your school portal.

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