BlackRock Founders Scholarship 2022 Application Guidelines

The BlackRock founders scholarship (BSF) is a unique opportunity available to all BlackRock 2022 freshmen that will transform the way you experience university; enabling you to pursue your interests and initiatives while developing as a leader in an inclusive community. The program has been designed by BlackRock to be one of a kind, full of life-changing learning experiences, without compromising on the fun you expect on campus.

The BlackRock Founders Scholarship program is only open to students who are pursuing a full-time undergraduate degree at an accredited college or university within the United States.

About BlackRock Scholarship

Established in 1989, the Blackrock Founders Scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding, entrepreneurial student to pursue a degree at the Yale School of Management, who shows the ability and interest to take an idea and turn it into a valuable business.

The BlackRock founders scholarship is a one-time award for up to $50000 awarded to an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, or engineering. It recognizes the contributions of early pioneers at Blackrock investment management lp that helped the firm become a global leader in investment management and our commitment to advanced education

How to apply for BlackRock Founders Scholarship program

  1. Visit the official BlackRock application portal at BlackRock Founders scholarship homepage
  2. Choose the category that suits you the most
  3. Fill out the BlackRock founders scholarship form.
  4. Submit your entry.

Once you are done with the BlackRock application process above, kindly wait for your BlackRock application status to know if you qualify for the scholarship.

How hard is it to get into BlackRock?

BlackRock isn’t easy to get into if you don’t have the best talent and able to display and make your creativity outstanding among all other entries. They simply want the best of all.

How many applications can I submit to BlackRock?

Interested candidates can submit up to 2 applications and at the same time within the application timeframe.

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