Top 10 Universities In Alberta Canada


Do you want to study abroad in Canada? Alberta is one of the most beautiful study locations in Canada. Whether you’re looking for a list of universities in Alberta, Canada, for international students or as a citizen of the country, you will definitely find this guide I am about to share with you helpful.

Alberta, a province nestled in the heart of Canada, is home to a diverse and vibrant array of higher education institutions, each with its own unique character and strengths. These institutions collectively contribute to Alberta’s reputation as a hub of academic excellence and innovation. In this comprehensive exploration, we embark on a journey to discover the top 10 universities and institutions that shape the educational landscape of Alberta. From world-renowned research powerhouses to institutions deeply rooted in community engagement and applied learning, Alberta offers a wealth of educational opportunities for students seeking a well-rounded and enriching academic experience. Join us as we delve into the distinctive features, academic offerings, and contributions of these esteemed institutions, shedding light on the diverse tapestry of higher education in Alberta.

Top 10 universities in Alberta

Here is an extensive overview of each of the top 10 universities and institutions in Alberta, Canada:

1. University of Alberta (UAlberta):

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of Canada’s most prominent and respected research universities. It offers a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs across various fields, including the arts, sciences, engineering, business, and health sciences. With a strong commitment to research excellence, UAlberta is known for its contributions to various fields, including energy, health, and technology.

2. University of Calgary:

Location: Calgary, Alberta


The University of Calgary is another top-tier research institution, located in the vibrant city of Calgary. It places a significant emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship, and research, particularly in areas like engineering, business, and health sciences. The university is renowned for its strong partnerships with local industries and its contributions to the Calgary business community.

3. University of Lethbridge:

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta

The University of Lethbridge is known for its dedication to undergraduate education and research. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines. The university is recognized for its commitment to community engagement and research that addresses regional and global challenges.

4. Mount Royal University:

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Located in Calgary, Mount Royal University is known for its practical, applied learning programs. It offers a variety of undergraduate programs, with a focus on business, health, and arts. MRU has strong ties to the local business community, providing students with valuable networking and internship opportunities.

5. Athabasca University:

Location: Athabasca, Alberta

Athabasca University is unique in that it’s an open and online university, making education accessible to learners across Canada and beyond. It specializes in online learning and offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, catering to the needs of working adults and distance learners.

6. MacEwan University:

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

MacEwan University is a comprehensive institution in Edmonton that focuses on providing undergraduate and diploma programs with an emphasis on applied learning. It offers programs in areas such as business, health, fine arts, and humanities. The university places a strong emphasis on community engagement and experiential education.

7. Concordia University of Edmonton:

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Concordia University of Edmonton offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs with a liberal arts and sciences foundation. It emphasizes critical thinking, research, and community involvement. The university’s smaller class sizes provide students with personalized learning experiences.

8. Ambrose University:

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Ambrose University is a Christian institution located in Calgary, offering undergraduate programs in theology, humanities, business, and education. It integrates a Christian perspective into its curriculum and values community involvement and service.

9. St. Mary’s University:

Location: Calgary, Alberta

St. Mary’s University is located in Calgary and offers undergraduate programs with a liberal arts and sciences foundation. It values small class sizes and personalized attention, fostering a close-knit academic community.

10. The King’s University:

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

The King’s University in Edmonton offers undergraduate programs with a Christian perspective. It emphasizes liberal arts and sciences education while encouraging students to explore their faith. King’s provides a unique academic environment for those seeking a faith-based education.


Whether you’re contemplating undergraduate studies, pursuing a graduate degree, or simply curious about the academic institutions that define this province, I hope that our list helps illuminate the rich tapestry of opportunities that await within these hallowed halls of learning in Alberta.

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