10 Of The Best Universities For Political Sciences In Canada


Which Canadian university has the best Political Science program?

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What is political science?

Political science is a branch of the social sciences that studies states, politics, and government. It deals with analyzing the politisystem, itstem, theoretical and practical application to politics, and examining political behavior. Aristotle defined political science as the study of the state.

Political scientists think that they can make a link between a political event and the conditions, which helps them understand the basic rules that any region’s government should follow. They can also predict the effects of a particular political situation or scenario.

Political science is a much sought-after field nowadays due to the changing nature of politics. World politics has moved away from traditional methods, and it takes a deep study to realize what the current political scenario means. Political scientists can be found in every newspaper analysis as they can better understand and break down any political condition.


Scope of political sciences

The study of political sciences is divided into the following fields;

  • Political theory
  • Public administration
  • Comparative politics
  • International relation
  • Public law

The principal occupation of political science is the study of matters concerning the allocation and distribution of power. They figure out or estimate how well a government is doing by looking at the many different factors at the office.

We all live in the political system and will continue to do so since the world runs on politics. The need for people and experts to understand specific scenarios and moves will always continue. Understanding politics is critical to carrying out trade with various nations. So, political scientists are important because they help you understand and see through world politics and the global political economy.

Why study Political Sciences in Canada?

Canada welcomes thousands of students each year in various fields of study. It has been regarded as a welcoming country with a well-earned reputation. If you choose to study in Canada, you will have the chance to learn at some of the world’s most reputed institutes. Leading firms are the first to hire graduates from these universities.

Canada also has a lot of industries, but because it has a small population, it needs to bring in workers from other countries. It is very likely that you will land a comfortable job in Canada after you have graduated due to the high number of opportunities.

You can also work while studying in Canada. The Canadian government allows students to work while looking for limited hours to cover their expenses.

The crime rate in Canada is meager. There is strict law and order throughout the country, and students are protected. This means it is a safe place to move to while being away from family and friends.

Top 10 Universities for Political Sciences in Canada

1. University of Calgary, Canada

2. University of Windsor, Canada

3. York University, Canada

4. University of Waterloo, Canada

5. Carleton University, Canada

6. University of Ottawa, Canada

7. Université de Montréal, Canada

8. McGill University, Canada

9. University of British Columbia

10. (UBC), Canada

11. University of Toronto, Canada

General Requirements for Political Sciences Admission

The following are the requirements for admission to any Canadian university for Political Science students:

· graduation from a secondary school, or equivalent, with a minimum “C” grade in either English Studies 12 or English First Peoples 12;

· previous degree from a recognized university;

 a transfer student from a college or university (a(with  least 24 transferable university-level credits completed);

 academic mature student category: 21 years of age (or will turn 21 during their first semester) and has a minimum “C” grade in either English Studies 12 or English First Peoples 12

· Grade12 English

A final grade of 70% is required in the prerequisite Grade 12 English course.


Political science is becoming increasingly popular today, with Canada being the best hub for the courses due to the numerous benefits offered by the country. The subject can land you high-paying and intellectual jobs that would secure your future. Admission to reputed political science institutes in Canada does not require exceptionally high grades; an average student can also be enrolled.

 However, to excel in any career, you must follow your inner voice and make decisions based on it.

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