10 Best Smoke Spots Dust 2 Tips


What are the best smoke spots that I should know on the new Dust 2? If you have already played, then you have already seen them. But if not, then here’s a list of the top 10 tips and tricks to master on Dust 2. 

The dust 2 is a new map in Overwatch and it’s a lot different from the old one. It’s a much bigger map, but the only thing that is changed is that there are some other maps added in. If you want to learn about the best smoke spots on this new map then keep reading my article. 

1. CT Spawn To Middle

You will be able to move quickly from CT Spawn to Lower Tunnels and Mid if you smoke in this location at the beginning of the game.

Take aim at the electrical pole from the edge of the left CT Spawn wall, where you should be standing. Move the crosshair so that it is vertically straight above the edge of the block that is on top of the gate. You can do this by moving it from the pole toward the right.

You should take a few steps back and then release the smoke. When it lands in the Mid, it will obstruct the view of the snipers who are positioned at the Top of the Mid.

2. Long corner smoke

You should aim vertically from the position shown in the photo, which entails standing in the gap between the large boxes outside. Left-clicking the mouse button will cause the smoke to settle directly on the corner of A Long, obstructing the view from A Long Car.


3. Long Doors to under a site

There is a barrel on the side of the Long A Doors, which may be found on the exterior of the building. Position yourself next to the barrel and the wall, then point your aim toward the left-hand ledge of the roof. As the picture shows, you should move the pointer to the right until it is centered vertically within the lamp. This can be checked by looking at the photo.

Move ahead until the target of your crosshair is directly in front of you, which should be a metal shed, and then press the left mouse button. The smoke grenade will hit the front wall, bounce off of it, and then settle right underneath the A Site.

The view from CT Spawn and Mid will be obscured, although there will be a slight break in the obstruction on the right side of the smoke. You can make a jump from there, and the adversaries won’t be able to respond quickly enough to stop you.

4. Spawn Location: Mid X-Box To CT

You should position yourself such that you are facing the middle of the dark patch on the front wall while aiming from the right corner of the middle X-box. The crosshair should be moved ever-so-slightly to the right until it is directly above the line and just to the left and down from the little dot.

When you press the left mouse button, the smoke grenade will be thrown. It will land outside of the CT Spawn, and it will obstruct your vision of the Mid and B Doors from the CT Spawn.

5. The X-Box

Take a position at the far corner of T spawn, to the right. Place the crosshairs so that they are horizontal to the top of the chimney and aim directly away from the line. You can configure a key for the Jump Throw action by clicking the left mouse button and pressing the key. The Smoke Grenade will land squarely on the middle x-box, obstructing the view of CTs who is gazing in the direction of the Catwalk.

6. Upper Tunnels To B Site

Take aim at the large dark area on the side of the tunnel while you are standing in the middle of the pillar in the Upper Tunnel. As you can see in the picture, move your crosshair to the left of the location where it was originally positioned. When you press the left mouse button, the smoke grenade will be dropped at the mouth of the tunnel, where it will obstruct your vision from the B Doors and the B Site.

7. Upper Tunnels To B Doors

In the Upper Tunnels, you should position yourself so that you are facing the little crate’s middle. Keep your eyes focused upwards, and position the crosshair so that it is directly above the place where the pillar and the wood meet. To release the smoke, you must first click the left button on your mouse.

It will fill the B Doors with smoke and obstruct your view of the B Site from the Mid position. You won’t raise anyone’s suspicions if you make your way through the Tunnels and out the B Doors.

8. A Long Car To A Long Doors

At A Long, you should position yourself in the middle of the back tire of the car. Take a look at the yellow building and position your crosshair so that it is pointing towards the bottom line of the window that is the furthest to the left. From the line that divides the bottom of the window from the rest of the screen, move your crosshair in a horizontal direction to the left until it is exactly positioned below the electric pole.

To launch the smoke grenade directly in front of the A Long Doors, click the left mouse button. It will assist you in preventing opponents from approaching from the opposite side by blocking their line of sight.

9. B Doors Smoke

When you are seeking to gain control of the B site, the smoke that comes from the B Doors is an excellent smoke to use.

You should avoid making hasty CT rushes from the spawn area, and instead focus on setting up for post-plant plays.

It buys you a little bit more time and, in conjunction with the B Window smoke that was previously discussed, it makes for a very potent combination.

10. Site Boxes

When you are in a hurry to get between A Long and A Short, you will choose this smoking spot. It will prevent you from seeing adversaries arriving from A Long, allowing you to concentrate instead on those approaching from A Short.

Position yourself so that you are crouched in the bottom-left corner of the box, and then aim your crosshair at the middle line, directly under the number “4” that is printed on the box. If you throw the grenade in the direction of the A site corner, it will land there.

These are all of the necessary Smoke Spots in Dust 2 that will keep your colleagues protected from adversaries while they move closer to the objective.

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