10 Best Fashion Schools In Texas


When students sign up for fashion design programs in Texas, they have the unique chance to learn a wide range of creative techniques that are only found in that state.

Students who attend one of the many fashion schools in Texas are provided with a vast array of options to break into the business, which is one of the ways in which these schools distinguish themselves from those found in other parts of the world. There are a lot of design schools out there that foster creativity in their students. Some of the top fashion schools in Nigeria are examples of schools that do this. In these schools, students are taught to draw inspiration from the abundant Nigerian heritage that is all around them.

Students have a number of options available to them in order to pursue their dreams, and one of those options is to attend one of the finest art schools in Japan (I hope you see what I did there). At these schools, students are taught some of the finest art techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, which is one of the primary reasons why the anime genre from Japan has become so widely popular in such a short amount of time.

To continue with the creative theme, there are other educational facilities that compete with the multiple fashion schools in Texas for students. These schools have a well-deserved reputation for turning even the least talented students into some of the area’s most skilled chefs, chefs who take great pride in the artistic inventiveness they bring to their dishes.

Since fashion is a form of art, it is important for students to develop an artistic sense either before they start studying at one of the Texas fashion schools or while they are there. This is because, in addition to the process of transforming clothing materials into dresses, fashion also involves the act of designing, which can inspire a student to be creative in his or her own work.

General requirements to get into fashion schools in Texas

  • It is standard procedure for the fashion schools in the state of Texas to demand that you present either your high school transcripts or your GED as proof that you have successfully finished the requirements of high school or its equivalent. Along with your application, you are required to send in a copy of your school transcript, which should list all of the courses you have taken and should also include your grade point average. Those who have instead passed the General Educational Development (GED) test are required to hand in their certificate along with the necessary supporting documents.
  • You need to submit a properly filled out application form together with the required documentation to any of the fashion schools in Texas of your choosing. This may be done at any of the fashion colleges in Texas.
  • Payment of an Application Fee: Applicants who are interested in applying to any of the fashion programs that are made available by the several fashion schools in the state of Texas are required to pay an accompanying application fee of $50, which is a non-refundable payment. This is what the fashion schools need in order to process the applications that are submitted to them.
  • Draft an Admission Essay: Applicants are asked to submit an essay ranging from 500 to 700 words in which they explain why they have chosen the fashion school to which they are applying and how they are well-suited for the major.
  • Scores on the Scholastic Assessment Tests (SAT) and the American College Test (ACT) should be sent in. Some schools for fashion design do not need applicants to send in their scores on any of these standardized tests. However, the schools that do demand this have established their qualifying scores at a range between 560 and 1060 on the SAT and at 21 or higher on the ACT.
  • Send in a Letter of Reference: Although sending in a letter of recommendation as part of your application is not required, doing so will provide you an advantage in your pursuit of enrollment in one of the fashion schools.
  • Display your Portfolio: In order to enroll in any of the fashion schools in Texas, you will need to have your portfolio, and you will need to show it to the admissions office. This is an essential criterion.

Average cost for Texas fashion schools

There are 25 fashion institutes in the state of Texas, and 14 of them provide graduate degrees. The annual cost of tuition can range anywhere from $1,860 to $34,500, with $12,039 being the typical cost. The majority of Texas institutions, including Texas Woman’s University, probably do not have as extensive a list of fashion scholarships as Texas Woman’s University has.


How much can one earn as a fashion designer in Texas

In the fashion sector, the amount of money you make is mostly dictated by the professional route you choose, the degree of education and experience you have, and the amount of experience you have.

The average yearly salary for a fashion designer in the state of Texas is $57,920, while the average annual salary for retail displays is $66,490.

Most ranked fashion schools in texas 2023

1. Austin Community College

Austin Community College is a two-year public institution located in Austin, Texas, that has earned a reputation for excellence on a national scale and serves as a significant entry point to both higher education and vocational instruction.

Students who are interested in advancing their careers, obtaining a degree, or acquiring a skill that is in demand will have unfettered access to low-cost higher education opportunities as part of their mission.

They take great pride in offering a superior learning environment that places each and every student on the path to achieving their goals.

The cost of attendance at Austin Community College, which is often ranked as one of the top fashion schools in Texas, is $1,860 a semester.

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2. Baylor University

Baylor University is a private university that was established in 1845 and currently has a total undergraduate enrollment of 14,399 people on its 1,000-Acer campus. Baylor University provides its students with the city lifestyle that the majority of students are more accustomed to living.

It has a tuition cost of close to $30,586 and there is a scholarship and tuition aid to the tune of $15,500 available for qualified students; the university utilizes a semester-based academic calendar as the university is ranked at number 75 in the 2022 edition of the best colleges and national universities.

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3. El Paso Community College

What if you want to turn your love of fashion into a legitimate line of work? Is it possible for you to acquire a business and fashion education of sufficient caliber while yet remaining within your budgetary constraints?

Their Fashion program, in which students learn skills such as sewing, patternmaking, and design, is offered for a price that is a fraction of what students pay to attend more expensive design universities and art institutes.

Because of the presence of an apparel business here, this town is an excellent location to broaden one’s fashion-related knowledge and acquire significant work experience.

Dallas, which is home to one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the state of Texas, consistently hears from alumni of its Fashion program that the knowledge and training they acquired gave them an advantage in the fashion industry.

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4. Brookhaven College

The Brookhaven College is a public university that can be found in Farmers Branch, Texas. The campus is located in a suburban area, which encourages students to be imaginative and helps them concentrate on the most important aspects of their lives. Because of its predominantly suburban surroundings and environment, the college has a total student population of 13,726.

The academic year at the college is divided into semesters, and the student-to-faculty ratio is 21 to 1. In addition, the college makes a number of scholarships and other forms of financial aid for tuition totaling $1,050 available to students who meet the requirements. The cost of tuition at the college is $2,490 per year.

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5. Houston Community College

In the curriculum entitled “Fashion Merchandising,” students have the opportunity to learn not only the foundations of fashion retail and wholesale merchandising, but also how to come up with their very own unique concepts.

Houston Community College is a public institution of higher education that may be found in Houston, Texas. There are 57,200 people living in the city that is home to the institution’s campus. The academic year is broken up into two parts called semesters.

The ratio of students to faculty members is 24 to 1. At Houston Community College, students can earn up to an associate’s degree, which is the highest level of education that can be earned there.

The institution offers prospective students and their parents, as well as the students themselves, a number of benefits, including credit for prior learning and open admissions.

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6. El Centro College

There are 11,729 students enrolled at this public university, making it one of the most popular educational options in the state of Texas. The university’s campus is located in the heart of the city. The academic year at the school is broken down into semesters, making it one of the few fashion schools in Texas to do so.

While the cost of attendance at this educational establishment is around $2,490, a number of grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial assistance totaling approximately $906 are made available to students. Because the highest degree that is offered is only an associate’s degree, the student-to-faculty ratio is 20 to 1.

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7. Lamar University

Lamar University’s Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising program graduates have a wide variety of work opportunities accessible to them when they receive their degree from the university.

There are several advantages to working in the retail industry, one of which is the possibility of attending classes at the Paris/American Academy in Paris. This is only one of the many advantages.

The Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising program at Lamar University, which is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the state of Texas, offers students the opportunity to take classes that will prepare them for careers such as retail management, buying, visual merchandising, event planner, stylist, human resources, fashion forecasting, fashion advertising and promotion, and business ownership.

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8. International Academy of Design and Technology

The San Antonio International Academy of Design and Technology provides interested students with the opportunity to enroll in a program called Fashion Design & Merchandising. This program has as its primary objective the preparation of students for positions in merchandising, as well as retail fashion, and fashion design.

Students learn skills such as garment building, draping, designing apparel, pattern drafting, and researching current trends in the market. This course takes a multidisciplinary approach and provides training not only in the art of merchandising but also in the management of businesses as well as publicity and promotion.

As of right now, the tuition is set at $11,700 per semester, and the campus is a very tiny one that was built in an urban environment.

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9. South University-The Art Institute of Dallas

The degree programs in fashion design might assist you in starting a career in an area that is influenced by worldwide trends and markets, such as the fashion design industry itself.

When you first start sculpting your future, the abilities you acquire in traditional as well as computer-generated design and pattern-making can be of great use to you. In this hands-on lesson, the primary attention is placed on design challenges that are taken from the real world.

If you are more interested in designing accessories such as hats, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and belts, you can think about pursuing their Associate’s Degree in Apparel and Accessory Design.

As you gain experience in both the creative and business parts of this industry, you will develop the skills necessary to carry your ideas all the way from the brainstorming stage to the finished product.

Your fellow students and the instructors of both programs will support and inspire you to reach the full creative potential that lies within you.

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10. Texas State University-San Marcos

One of Texas’ top fashion schools is Texas State University-San Marcos.

Graduates of the fashion merchandising curriculum excel in critical thinking, communication, and analysis, which distinguishes them from other professionals in the field.

The program prepares students to lead teams successfully because of its demanding curriculum and use of cutting-edge technologies.

Our solid corporate relationships give students access to industry thought leaders in the classroom and at events that businesses support.

Through technology assignments, business excursions, and internships, students gain useful hands-on experience.

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Some of the best fashion schools in the US are located in Texas. Don’t be left out; students who have graduated from any of them have gone on to become some of the most innovative fashion designers around.

It’s considerably easier to begin a career in fashion design than you may imagine. If you merely acquire the required skills, you’ll be well on your way.

Some people may find it useful to invest in a long-term asset, such as a college degree, if they wish to restart their lives as soon as possible and begin earning money.

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