Top 10 Accelerated Nursing Programs In Florida


The first step in the educational process for future nurses is typically to enroll in an associate’s degree program (LPN) or bachelor’s degree in nursing program (BSN) at any college or university. However, graduates with degrees in fields other than nursing who are interested in entering the nursing profession can do so by enrolling in accelerated nursing programs.

You will be awarded either a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree if you successfully complete the accelerated program. If you have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, you are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam and become a registered nurse.

In addition, accelerated nursing programs provide licensed nurses with the chance to further their education and expand their skill sets, both of which are necessary for professional growth in a number of healthcare settings.

Best accelerated nursing programs in Florida

1. Seminole State College of Florida

The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-to-BSN) Online Program at Seminole State College is a fully accredited program that can be finished in as little as one year and has a total cost of approximately $5,000.

This program is designed specifically for those who are currently registered nurses (RNs) and those who are now eligible to take the NCLEX RN. All of the coursework for the RN-to-BSN program is offered in an online format. Because of the flexibility offered by these programs, registered nurses are able to continue working while earning their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing has granted full accreditation to the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-to-BSN) online program offered by Seminole State (ACEN).


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2. Valencia College

Students interested in nursing who already hold a bachelor’s degree can take advantage of the Accelerated Prelicensure BSN program at the University of North Florida. Even though numerous nursing schools in Florida only provide one point of entrance, UNF allows students to enter this program during the summer term (in May) in addition to the fall term (in August).

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3. Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton

Established in 1961, Florida Atlantic University, sometimes known as Florida Atlantic or FAU, is a public research university in the state of Florida. Boca Raton is the location of the institution’s primary campus.

The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University is responsible for administering the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The areas of acute care nursing and nursing circumstances connected with psychiatric and mental health are the primary emphases of this program. The program lasts for a total of 60 credit hours, which equates to 40 hours of work each week, and takes place over the course of fifteen months.

After graduating with a passing grade, the next step for graduates is to sit for the NCLEX-RN examination in order to become registered nurses. They may find employment in medical centers, retirement communities, or military installations.

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4. University of South Florida

Students who already have a bachelor’s degree can get ready for a future in nursing and possibly further into a medical career by enrolling in the Accelerated Second Bachelor’s Degree Sequence (SBN) at the University of South Florida. In the event that you change your mind in the future and decide that you would like to pursue a career as a physician, the university also provides an accelerated medical degree program.

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5. Florida International University, Miami

The Florida International Institution, also known as FIU, is a public research university that was established in the state of Florida in the year 1965. University Park, in the state of Florida, is home to its primary campus.

The Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences at Florida International University is the institution that is in charge of administering the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. In this program, graduates with bachelor’s degrees in other fields of study are offered extensive coursework that is specifically focused towards earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Childbearing Nursing, Psychosocial Nursing, and Evidence-based Nursing and Research in Global Healthcare are some of the topics that will be covered in the program.

Every year, new students enter the program during the fall B session. The completion of the AO BSN program requires a total of three (3) semesters. After that, graduates are able to become licensed nurses after passing the NCLEX-RN exam. The AO/BSN program at FIU is consistently ranked as one of the most successful accelerated nursing programs in the state of Florida.

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6. University of West Florida

At the University of West Florida’s Accelerated Nursing Program, you may make your goal of fast completing all of the requirements for a nursing degree a reality. Choose between the Accelerated BSN/MSN in Nursing Education or the Accelerated BSN Nurse Executive track to complete your degree faster. These degrees can be earned entirely or almost entirely through the use of online coursework.

The RN to MSN online program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and accepts up to 92 transfer credits from students who have already graduated from an RN program and are ready to pursue advanced credentials. This program is designed for individuals who have already completed an RN program and are ready to pursue advanced credentials.

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7. University of North Florida, Jacksonville

The Institution of North Florida (UNF) is a public research university that has its roots going back to 1965 when it was established in Jacksonville, Florida. The University of North Florida (UNF) is affiliated with the State University System of Florida.

Individuals who already hold a degree in a subject other than nursing are eligible to enroll in the Accelerated Pre-licensure BSN program at the School of Nursing (SON) at the University of North Florida (UNF).

Students spend their time in the program participating in classes that provide them with a solid scientific foundation of study together with a wide range of clinical experiences and opportunities to engage with patients. The program consists of both clinical and laboratory courses in addition to professional courses.

If you attend classes at UNF’s Accelerated Pre-licensure BSN program on a full-time basis, it will take you fifteen (15) months to earn your degree. After finishing the program, graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam, which is necessary for them to become licensed nurses.

The Accelerated Pre-licensure path is streamlined and can be finished in four (4) consecutive semesters of full-time study, which is equivalent to approximately 15 months. Students will take the NCLEX-RN certification exam once they have completed the program and received their diploma.

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8. State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota

When you graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from State College of Florida – Manatee-Sarasota, you will be prepared to take a leadership role in the nursing profession. According to the information provided by the college, the program can either be completed entirely online or it can be completed online in a way that includes some blended learning possibilities.

The curriculum is designed for individuals who already hold an active RN license. The majority of the classes are condensed over a span of just five weeks.

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9. Jacksonville University, Jacksonville

Jacksonville University, sometimes known as JU, is a private institution located in Florida that provides accelerated nursing degree programs.

The educational establishment provides students with two different Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs to choose from. Students who enroll in any of these two AO/BSN programs acquire the information and abilities necessary to address the obstacles that are inherent in patient care.

The Jacksonville University 16-Month Accelerated BSN and the Jacksonville University and Baptist Health 12-Month Second Degree BSN Program are both examples of the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs.

Students enrolled in the JU 16-month AO/BSN program are given the opportunity to balance their academic responsibilities with other obligations, as the teachers and staff of the program provide them with flexible course scheduling options. The program can be finished in fewer than twenty years (less than two decades).

The teachers and staff from Baptist Health use a strategic model in the 12-Month Second Degree BSN Program that is offered jointly by Jacksonville University and Baptist Health. This model is used to educate students on the primary skills that are necessary to work in the nursing sector. Following successful completion of the program and receipt of their license, graduates are given the chance to negotiate a work commitment agreement with Baptist Health.

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10. University of Miami, Coral Gables

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at the University of Miami is provided through the School of Nursing and Health Studies (SONHS). The curriculum of the accelerated nursing program is a combination of classroom instruction and clinical practice, and it is designed to prepare students to take the NCLEX-RN exam, pass it, and then begin working as registered nurses.

Students are required to engage with a variety of 170 clinical partners throughout the course of their clinical training. One such partner is the University of Miami Hospital, which provides students with the excellent clinical experience that is necessary to fulfill the challenges of providing patient care.

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is presented twice a year (January and May). The entire program can be finished in only twelve (12) months’ time.

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If you want to study nursing in Florida, getting into one of the above listed accelerated nursing programs could be the best thing for you to become a registered nurse quickly.

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